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2/6/2006 6:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I was thinking last night, as I laid in bed, of depression.

I had just recieved a phone call right as I was about to slip away into dreamland from a friend of mine who I hadn't seen for some time. She had questioned me about my life, what was going on, both maritally and financially. I sobbed out my marital issues to her and explained the best I could the grief that I had endured through with my husband. She wasn't sympathic, nor judgemental, which fits her persona. I didn't have issues with her reaction as I did with my reaction to having to explain the issue one more time. That's when I started to wonder if there comes a point when the conversation I had with my friend would become old hat and there would be no more tears.

I continued to stew upon this idea, knowing I will be fine in the morning, nothing a good night sleep couldn't cure. But I started to think of my other friends, some on this site and how their pain hurts them. I hear it in their tones of voice, the looks upon their face changes, their action are distructive as they talk about their depression. I feel for them and wish I could help. I listen. I ponder. And I pray for them, silently.

Before I slipped away in to neverland, I thought of you, my friends, who are sad and lonely searching for the same things as everyone. Someone to hear us, someone to take our pain away, someone to be with, and more. I wondered how I could help you. So today, I give you...


The courage to endure.
The courage to be happy.
The courage to smile.
The courage to speak that which is on your mind without tears.
The courage to find your footing, to find your confidence again, and to find your place in life.
The courage to stand for what you believe in.
The courage to live.

May everyone have a wonderful day filled with courage.

digdug41 49M

2/6/2006 6:58 am

that is really cool shit DD and thanks for the chat every little bit helps cya later

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

fantasylover_05 62M

2/6/2006 7:03 am


That is a VERY NICE wish!!

There is an old proverb which I like very much and it goes something like this (sorry if I screw it up LO

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the thing I can not change....

the courage to change the things I can...

and the wisdom to know the difference

I do wish you the wisdom.......

Thank you Divinity!!

MillsShipsGayly 51M

2/6/2006 7:07 am

the Courage to CHOOSE

to endure
to be happy
to smile

... nice post

jakblack36 48M

2/6/2006 8:50 am

Never doubt that you have the courage to get beyond this point in your life. There are situations in life that can paralyze us. I have lived through over 4 years of a very painful situation. Always, knowing that if I stopped trying to make life better, then I fail. Always, have the courage to try.

(Princess Lips)

2/6/2006 9:11 am

believe in you...


oldman1776 78M
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2/6/2006 9:45 am

Great stuff.

The courage to face avery day no matter what it may bring.

hooks1952 64M

2/6/2006 10:20 am

Thanks ! GREAT BLOG . Life is full of pain misery and selflishness but on top of them is trust love and excitement! I believe that there has to be a tremendous amount of trust before love can truly happen but this is just an old mans opinion.

Happiness go for it girl.


peaches19555 61M

2/6/2006 10:25 am

I appreciate your observations and it does seem some that write here are in real pain. I enjoy writing and at times explicitly and this outlet allows me that expression. Beyond that, for many, there seems to be a therapeutic value. Why am I drawn to those that bear their most intimate needs? Beyond the simply sexual, it now takes for my satisfaction, and me offering comments that are thougtful as if it mattered. What therapy do I seek?

rm_saintlianna 45F
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2/6/2006 10:30 am

Its funny you posted this today, when I really needed it. Thank you.

papyrina 50F
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2/6/2006 1:39 pm

and i wish you the courage to go on and do all this

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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2/6/2006 1:50 pm

Heh, a nice wish indeed.

angelofmercy5 58F
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2/6/2006 1:53 pm

Great post! And I needed a little of that courage today. Thank you.

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

2/6/2006 2:16 pm

Divinity......loved by all, hated by none!! Here 4 u when u need us. holla.

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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2/6/2006 2:37 pm

This is very good, and there's a blog friend I'm going to send this way.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

sleeplessknight1 68M

2/6/2006 3:08 pm

Do I need to know you
to send You a Valentine's?
Do I need to know you
to hope that Your day is fine?

that Love will always be there,
and that Love be sent to You...
A Valentine, A wish of Love
That's really meant and True,,,,,,

So now yu have a card.... hope yu arent offended.....

Anon.... darn nearly

F1reman6969 49M

2/6/2006 4:25 pm

right back at 'cha.
thank you for pulling that out of yourself in a time of darkness.

f 1 r e m a n 6 9 6 9

TTigerAtty 62M

2/6/2006 4:31 pm

DD ... Good advice! Advice we all need from time to time. Whatever may be getting you down right now will be defeated by your positive 'can do' attitude! Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said ... "Never, never, never quit!" All the best to you hon!


2/6/2006 7:48 pm

What a lovely and thoughful soul, thanks!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

im_curious_4u 50M

2/6/2006 8:56 pm

Thanks Div. I appreciate this.

dreaming4u1955 61M
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2/7/2006 1:34 am

Well done Divinity! You've hit upon a chord that has touched the hearts of many and made a beautiful song of this day. I was happy to see it. Good luck with your VD date.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

2/7/2006 3:40 am

A confession ... my closest friends in real life could never measure up to the ones I've found here ... in particular, one friend I've had for over 25 years who is currently separated ... and does not have the ability to see the world beyond "herself" ... while we were out the other night ... for reasons I won't get into ... it was all I could do to stop myself from getting up and walking out on her ... and I thought to myself what a wonderful place this is here ... in this little invisible land ... where "give" and "take" are on an equal footing ...

I'll be thinking about your post I think for the rest of the day ... thank you, pretty lady !


male95662 45M

2/8/2006 6:34 am

thank for your words

forlornedlust 53M
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2/10/2006 1:10 pm

Divinity, you should never have to explain yourself or your actions! As long as you are being true to yourself and not hurtiong anybody.... After a life long quest to not worry so much about others think, I am getting there! I try to teach all my kids that too much worrying about others judgemental practices will rob "you" from your own life!!! Nice to see a compassionate person such as yourself that can be empathetic and an inspiration to others while maintaining a balance. Enjoy the sun, love your eyes! Cheers!

dreaming4u1955 61M
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2/11/2006 9:04 pm

OOOOPS! (laughing) I hope everyone realizes I meant VD day as- Valentines Day and not venereal disease. Didn't think about the implications till I re-read your post. I apologize if there was any confusion. Keep it light, keep it simple and honest. Just do the best you can. Thanks again for the post.

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