Another 10 More Things I miss About Sex...  

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Another 10 More Things I miss About Sex...

This next March it'll be a year. You think the way I write, it would have been longer. Nah... I'm just horny.
Ten Things I Miss About Sex
Another 15 More Things I Miss About Sex...

26. The way he tells me how beautiful I am.
27. The sweet taste of his salvia mixing with mine.
28. The way he moves my hair to the side so he can kiss the nape of my neck.
29. The sensations I feel as he flicks my clit with his hot wet tongue.
30. The feel of his hand running up and down my back.
31. The rhythm of our bodies, grinding against one another.
32. The feel of his powerful hand squeezing my breasts.
33. The feel of his hot cum shooting deep inside me.
34. The smell of sex filling the room as we intertwine with one another erotically.
35. The way he holds his breath while he has an orgasm.
36. The sound our thighs make as they slap together.
37. His cock rubbing against my clit, teasing it, toying with it, bringing me to climax.
38. The feel of his naked body lying against mine.
39. The feel of his gentle kisses on the inner of my thighs.
40. The way he sucks on my clit and twirls his tongue at the same time.
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Btw, I'm nearly up to 60 now. My goal is a 100. When I reach it I'll post them all.

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