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DivinityDemands 46F
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9/9/2005 1:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Public Sex

Just a thought... not a story this time...

I was wondering, it's been on my mind for sometime now is it like the most erotic thing to have sex out in public, but be discreet enough to not let anyone know? To see how much you can get away with without letting anyone else see you or hear you?

The thought turns me on, I enjoy the risk taking and not getting caught. Makes me feel like I'm a youth trying to hide something from my parents. I think a crowded elevator would be the most challenging but one of those fantasies I would love to try.

Does anyone else done this? Or like the thrill too? Or have you caught someone else being naughtie? Or caught yourself? Do tell! Please.

rm_dentmagnet9 60M

9/9/2005 3:21 pm

First of all......where the heck is Weed CA.? and second....If they have an elevator in town I'll meet you there lol

DivinityDemands 46F

9/9/2005 5:43 pm

My most public place of doing it is in the park. On the slide. Mmmmm... it was nice. But it was at night time and no one was around. So it wasn't much of challenge or thrill.

The thing with the elevator is it has to be crowded to pull it off. I had a friend who did it in a bar once. Now that would be fun. A short skirt and no panties... mmmm... let the imagination ride!

Easygoinlover69 41M

9/20/2005 8:06 pm

Sex on an express train, in the restrooms or (more daringly) at the seats masturbating one another discreetly underneath a coat or somethin over our laps is pretty good fun
Just don't make a noise wen u cum, lol

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