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5/21/2005 11:09 pm

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Cable TV

This dosen't have anything to do with love or sex but it just struck me today. Remember when there was no cable tv? You watched shows for free but had to watch comercials to pay for the programming. Now with cable you watch shows and have to pay rediculous fees but you still have to watch comercials and allot of them, hours of them, especially infomercials! Infomercials are almost as bad a telemarketers calling on the phone. I think they are irritating and totally useless. It seems to me that the advertisers should be paying for our cable, not us! Too bad people in this country can't get together and make a stand. What would happen if everyone, on a particular date, cancelled their cable? I think things would change pretty darn fast.
But of course that will never happen. I was talking with some friends the other day and we wondered what would happen to gas prices if everyone in this country, for about three days, just stayed home, didn't go to work, didn't buy gas or anything else and just shut the country down. We were thinking that things might change from that too especially if the threat lingered for more shutdowns. Well, just some insane rambling. Nobody in this country does much of anything to better peoples lives on the whole.

oral_IF_Master 42M

5/22/2005 1:42 am

Ya you are right they get us coming and going it is not fair

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5/22/2005 3:18 am

People tried it in the UK for a day with the gas prices. It worked wonders, and caused the government to lower taxes. Hopwever, prices are getting back to that level again (in real terms) and it seems as if nothing has really changed. A few years go by, and the prices get gradually hiked up again, as if the firms involved imagine that no one notices.

But as to cable; remember the tale of the town mayor whop wished, for a special event, to have the town fountain sprout wine? He ordered everyone to go to the source and pour in a jug of wine, so that the costs would be shared. The next day, switching the fountain on, only water came out. Every single person had thought 'one jug of water, no one will notice if I don't do it.'

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