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Picture this in your mind
My body against yours , Your body against mine
Hot essence of sensual oils, incense and cold wine
Bowls of fruit, Strawberries and cherries divine
Cups of your juices drip down my mouth
Hot from your chocolate vine as I eat it out.
Your legs divide as I slowly slip inside
As I grab you your neck, you wrap around my waist
To prepare for this ride
You feel so right girl, makes me dig so deep
It makes my manhood feel like steel, Sensations unreal
Makes my soul unroll as this picture unfolds

Now Picture your starlit eyes
Your painted toes
Your thick sexy thighs
Stretched upon my bed
With our sexual hungers yearning to be fed.
The feeling intensifies but you ain't done yet.
As your back arches slowly, your body starts to speak to me
Then your love start to come down and graces my silk sheets
You cum and go back to that climatic peek ...
Picture that for just a moment.....
before we even speak..
Don't Be Scared....

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