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10/27/2005 11:50 am

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I want a woman who will whisper of what excites and pleases her, until then I can only lick, kiss, touch and make love to you as my desires and your responses take me. Do you enjoy being kissed, nibbled and licked? Let me start with your eyebrows move to your lips, to your neck, to your breast, to your hips. Let me kiss and lick your fine ass, then your sweet wet pussy, massaging it with my tongue and sucking on your clit. My pleasure comes in your moans and groans, the lifting and rotating of your hips, as I taste your sweetness. Let me lick and nibble your inner thighs as I explore my way to your toes. Then slowly back to your sweet juices and not depart until you reach ecstasy, your pleasure being my reward. Lets chat. I am r_ml at hotmail.

Are you an eager recipient of oral lovemaking? In what position to you prefer to be while having your pussy licked, kissed and your clit sucked? Are you an eager mustache rider? Do you find pleasure in sliding your wet sweet pussy over the face of a skilled provider of oral sex? Or would you prefer to lay back spread your legs, providing your sweet spot of paradise as a meal to be savored, licked, kissed and sucked. Or would you thrill me by laying on your stomach, spreading your legs and lifting your fine round ass, giving me the thrill and honor of licking your pussy, sucking on your clit then sliding my tongue back over your pussy to your ass, licking, sucking and pushing my tongue into your most private and erotic spots.

Does it please you to please? Do you find pleasure in giving pleasure? Are you a sexy sensuous uninhibited woman, who in the bedroom (or anywhere we might be alone) finds pleasure in being dominated, being submissive, being controlled, or on the other hand being dominate, demanding service, gratification?

Are you spontaneous, a free spirit, have an expressive wilder side, willing to explore your sexual passions?

You must be mature, intelligent, educated, have a keen sense of humor, have a very oral predisposition as I have - expect to have every inch if your nakedness kissed, licked, nibbled and tasted. Realize that age (or youth) is an attitude, a state of mind.

You must love sex; love to touch and to be touched.

Can you handle strong sincere emotion, passion, abandonment to aggressive sexual excitement, submission of your body, pleasure for pleasure’s sake, hedonism?

Are you excited by discreet hot steamy passionate trysts?


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