Plus Size HATING!  

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2/28/2006 7:37 pm

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Plus Size HATING!

I'm bringing this to your attention because THIS is getting totally ridiculous! I don't know if any of you have seen Flavor Of Love on VH1 but last weekend Flavor Flav let Courtney a.K.a Goldie go because HE felt she was confused because she wanted to get to know him and be "his friend". Me and my fiance were watching that show and were surprised at his decsion. We felt she should've stayed.

But THATS not what has me up in arms. One of the other women on the show;New York, had made comments about Goldie. And the one that sticks out is the fact that she was mad at Flav for was not with her and that she was gonna lose out to another woman A BIG GIRL at that was her exact words. Funny thing is that she smiles in your face after having said all that trifling crap. Whats REALLY goin on?

For those who knows us,me and my fiance are in the swinging lifestyle. And as a interracial couple invloved in the lifestyle,its a rariety. Most couples are usually caucasian. But there are quite a few interracial couples. And what makes us even more uncommon is that my fiance is a BBW. We've been turned down because of folks only focusing on me and not her simply because she's a big woman. We have even been turned down by a few other couples where the wife BBW...and they've said "good luck in your search". Whats wrong with getting to know someone beforehand and see if things click? Its not totally about sex. Friendship comes first.

Few years back we went to a couples club here in Wisconsin and met (we thought at the time) the couple who ran it,another interracial couple. When we got there things were kinda dull because no one was doing anything inside yet all the folks are outside smoking out by the firepit. Well I livened things up by "Jeff Foxworthy impressions" Diane(my fiance) felt like something was wrong while we were there but I didn't pick it up.

Anyway,we were asked to play downstairs and joined the rest of the folks in the group room and had a ball. We left the next mornin and hadn't been back due to Diane's surgeries and my mother passing in 2004. After taking care of things and wanting to go visit we asked to come out again and was sent an email saying we couldn't return to their club. It was a bogus letter saying that we talked BADLY about them at a big free party in Madison at a GLBT club called Club 5. Point of fact,we NEVER dogged them out. We told folks we liked the club and that they should check it out if they get the chance. However we did meet another interracial couple that was there that night saying that they didn't like the club themselves. So we called and confronted them and they said that they lied in the email and that they didn't know how to phrase what they wanted to say. The reason they didn't want us back was because Diane had "no presonality" and that she was too big. BUT I was more than welcome to come back to their club because they "needed MORE black men" to bring in the ladies. They had to think of their other club members as a whole.

So you let your members dictate how YOU should run your club? Hmmmm.

Well we bitched to friends of ours that are regional directors for the NASCA and they had to allow plus size people into their club or lose their certification AND listing on their site. But thats not the last of them...they were slapped with a CEASE and DECIST order from the sherriff's office in their county. LMAO! I wish we could be upset for them...but we're not.

Even this past Saturday when we were at a Yahoo group party and the norm of the ladies that come are thick to full figured. And this is a interracial group so their are white and black women that come. Anyway we were having fun and enjoyin ourselves when Diane heard a few off color remarks from the men that were invited to the party. One guy talking to another person mention to them that a lady there was "just a sympathy fuck"

WTF! Why is it that full figured people happen to be the butt of jokes? NO PUN INTENDED. Where is the respect? I keep hearing comments and remarks made from women and men that say they CAN'T see how someone could be with a big person YET you all know these are the same people you'll see on the down low dating and hand holding and even flirting with on the side.

The scrolling marquee on my Yahoo group says "Who says BIG GIRLS can't have fun too?" Which is true. Mo'nique said "skinny women are evil and should be destroyed" Which is where half of all the heated arguements come from. Smaller women bitch and moan and talk MAJOR LEAGUE SHIT about how BBWs look and how no one will want them or how could anyone want to be with some that doesn't look like they do.

This is a example of a misguided gentleman that listens to the radio show we listen to. He left this comment on the blog.

Rex Says:
December 30th, 2005 at 9:10 am e

I am really hurt by this site ( and by the music played here. I am a white man who loves BBWomen, and despises hip-hop/ music. This site and its attendant web station seems to me nothing more than what I see on the web every day: Black men with White women, and no room for us white men to love our own white women. Where are the white ladies like Totie Fields who loved Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra? Where are the white men like Sinatra and Crosby who both had BBWives? I am sick of white women pandering to the tastes of black men when there are thousands of us lonely guys who WANT YOU! Skip the hip-hop and let us use our tongues on you. I am NOT racist, but I despise the racism in sites such as this.

THIS was my response you him.

Dirty_n_Naughty Says:
January 1st, 2006 at 12:35 am

Somebody PUHLEASE…LOWER the dosage on this mufukka MEDS! Apparently “Rex” here has been stuck in a bomb shelter and must have recently just came out of it.

{I am really hurt by this site and by the music played here.}


{Where are the white ladies like Totie Fields who loved Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra?}

Easier answer…they’re either in assisted living communities…or DEAD and BURIED.

{Where are the white men like Sinatra and Crosby who both had BBWives? }

Refer to the answer to the SECOND question. And by the way…neither Crosby NOR Sinatra had full figured wives,ya idjit! Look Rex,CLEARLY you have stumbled onto a site in which the times have wholly passed you by. It is a good thing that you love and admire BBWs. HELL,the world would be a better place if alot of gents came “out of the closet” and admitted that they love and admire big women. And the proper term Rex…is BBW not BBWomen. The “w” ALREADY stands for women.

{I am sick of white women pandering to the tastes of black men when there are thousands of us lonely guys who WANT YOU!}

F.Y.I Rex,most BBWs tend to have realationships with men that are accepting of them. Men that love,treat and respect them for the women,the sexual being and the qualities they have. And by gosh….some of those men just happen to be……………..(wait for it)OH MY GOSH!,BLACK MEN!

{Skip the hip-hop and let us use our tongues on you.}

ROFLMAO! Are you serious?!? Ms Naughty said that a tongue ain’t gonna cut it. All women enjoy oral sex BUT you gotta bring something more to the table. And THAT ain’t shit.

Ya know,you’ve given us ALL a good laugh with what you had to say Rex but point blank. The era that you belonged to has long since gone and times have changed. Leave the internet to those of us who can keep up.

{I am NOT racist, but I despise the racism in sites such as this.}

Heh heh heh…and to answer that…i’ll say that infamous line from The Usual Suspects
“The greatest lie the Devil ever told the world was that he didn’t exist”.

Thats our two cents…and REMEMBER folks,the 8:30 show is different from 6:30 show. Please remember to tip your waitresses and bartenders. Thank you and GOODNIGHT!

Ed & Diane

Where does it end? When will the acceptance start? If we're all created equal,whats the deal with all the singular ignorance? Its not a shame to be with a woman NO MATTER WHAT her size is. I am the proud fiance of a lovely and understanding full figured women. We have our ups and down and have been from HELL and BACK but her weight never came into an issue. I've always loved all women but i'm more comfortable with and have been in more relationships with BBWs.

I'm simply trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL is wrong with all the stress...drama and bullshit that goes on every time a BBW comes around people that aren't openminded enough to be comfortable to be with her?

Care to speak on this!

Kinky is.. as KiNkY DOES!

anythingbutpai2 58M/60F

6/24/2006 11:21 pm

The way I look at it is, the more meat,the more to love. its that fuckin simple!! Some people are just born with thier heads up there four points of contact. the best thing about big women is that (and don"t take this the wrong way)because of some mens supitdty they don't get as much love as some thin lady, but when they do get love hold on cause you're in for the ride of you're life!! As the Floaters said in there song Float On, (I Love women of all kinds) Hope you find what you're looking for by the way my wife weighs 102 lbs is 4'7 but she can't really take a good pounding how i like to give Later Manny

bigasslover651 58M
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7/16/2006 11:11 am

...Ive had arguments with other men about this, so this is what I got out of it.... body seems to like somebody elses choices for a playmate if their radially different....

Look, the deal is if we as a human race stopped trying to make each other conform to some singlar ideal race or body type, we might actually make it another million years.

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