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DiligoHellas 38M
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8/5/2005 11:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who are you?

So I was chatting away in EHT. Nice and quiet. I’m a bit bad at it and my social skills amount to nothing when I comes to chatting.

But anyway, there I was, and these two beautiful, lovely, sweet and great girls was picking away at my brain.

Who are you Diligo?..what country are you from?...why don’t you tell us?

This has been something I have tried to keep a secret. It’s a kind of stupid because when you read my blog you know my inner feelings, and the persons I try to avoid will recognise me in a split second if they were ever to find this blog.

So as the truthful guy I am I will tell you what country I am from...

My family name comes from a Swedish couple that went to live in America when the Swedish economy was rotten and a lot of people in Sweden was threaten by a coming famine.

They went to the big USA and some of them found happiness...my branch of the family tree wasn’t so lucky so they decided to go back to Sweden.

For some reason they didn’t make it all the way and they ended up in Denmark.

There they lived for hundreds of years (or so it feels) and eventually my mom was born.

She decided to hook up with a Swedish guy (she was Danish by birth), and founded a small family high up in the Swedish mountains, which we call "fjell"

There Diligo lived very close to the Norwegian border (we didn’t care if our path took us across the border, some times we were in Sweden some times in Norway..). I grew up learning how to use "ski" and how to read the mountains, find food and shelter in the mountains, and generally we lived a happy life with not too many problems on our mind (at least that’s how I remember it...)

But this was of cause to come to an end. My mom and dad broke up a day in January and all that Deligo had learnt to bee truths was all of a sudden wrong...

My mom went with little Diligo to live in Denmark, my sister that was a few years older that me stayed at my dads home, in the fjells.

So there Diligo was...growing up in Denmark, learning Danish from the school and Swedish from my mom. I went to visit my dad a few times, loved the mountains where I grew up...but more or less I lived in a small Danish village, and got used to that kind of lifestyle...

One day it hit as a boomerang...Diligo was 15 years old, and special as he were, he didn’t fit in the Danish public school. He was speaking Swedish, talking about mountains and finding you own food there, how to survive blizzards, and use the mountains as a shelter...he just wasn’t a normal Danish kid. And boy, did they tell him...

The boomerang hit home when it dawned on Diligo that he was misplaced. So at the age of 15 he took his clothes, packed it all up, and left his mom.

The path of Diligo took him, of cause, to his dad in Sweden and he enlisted in “gymnasium”. It’s a kind of high school. Diligo was a bit too young for that but anyway he got in, and made his examines, this took three years and in all this time Diligo was living at his fathers place.

After three years living in Sweden, Diligo was longing for Denmark. It’s a strange thing, but what you don’t have is often what you think your body craves for...

So DK it was...a small apartment and a university made the changes. Diligo went there and studied electronics. Years did go by, and Diligo got his BscE in electronic engineering and his first job.

While this was going on in Deligo’s life other things happened to his family. My mom retied from her work, bought an apartment in Spain and went to live there. My father, who is a bit younger than my mom, was offered a job is USA by some of our relatives. He took the job and went there...

After a few jobs, constructing electronic devices, testing to specification ect. Diligo was offered a job in Athens. This job is the one I currently have….

So there you have it. What country is Deligo from? Mom is in Spain, Daddy in USA, Deligo grew up in Denmark and Sweden...so pick you country...Diligo is from...?

This is some of the worst thing I’ve ever written and on the other hand it’s one of the most important...

My hart and love goes out to _CoffeeNoCream_ and __Bellinda__ for compelling me to write this...

- Diligo

DiligoHellas 38M

8/6/2005 2:10 am

Hi Miss Bell..

The point is that I realised how stupid I have been on this issue. So I did want to write this entry. It just took the persuasive powers of two girls...

*Hugs* to you too

papyrina 51F
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8/7/2005 11:53 am

and those two girls can be very persusive

Wahta wonderful background,it sounds very hard but you seem to have turned into a lovely young man

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_EE407 41F
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8/7/2005 1:21 pm

Thanks Diligo... Interesting background, but as Paps said: You seem to have turned into a lovely young man

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