Why do we burn more now?  

Dildo_replacemen 38M
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5/30/2006 2:25 pm

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6/4/2006 8:56 am

Why do we burn more now?

Well, it seems summer has arrived early in Canada (About time). Yesterday I found myself in an unfortunate situation... I burnt my forehead! Maybe I'm too tall and my head's closer to the sun, but I could have sworn I didn't burn this fast or this much when I was a kid. Perhaps there is something to this ozone depletion thingy. Then again, I thought smog was a great UV filter. What gives? I spent 2 hours outside walking around yesterday and come back home with a red head. Too bad it wasn't a member of the opposite sex... unbelievable... sun burn!

I've been to Central America a few times and I never burn as much as I do here in Ontario. I've even tried fake baking... but alas I still burn.

What's going on, what's your take on this? Why are we burning more now in North America? Does it have something to do with age, ozone, food, smog, health? And on a similar note, ever gotten a tan line you were embarrassed about?

P.S. Did you know that Watermelon is an antioxidant and a natural sunblock? It truly is the magical fruit, so nourishing.

honeycomb1974 44M/42F
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5/30/2006 4:13 pm

I love to tan, I stay out in the sun all day and here is my little tan line and I'm not embarrassed about it. Honey

Dildo_replacemen replies on 5/30/2006 5:23 pm:
That's one sweet tan line. Reminds me of an arrow... I wonder where its pointing me.

Dildo_replacemen 38M

5/30/2006 5:29 pm

As I commented above, I've done some fake baking before... always nude. Funny thing is, I'm very easily aroused. So if I bake, I find my member is always darker! It's true, I've got a long dark schlong! LOL

Peche85 31F

5/30/2006 8:11 pm

Umm try living under the hole in the ozone layer hehe. I think last summer was the first summer I havn't been sunburnt. But I didn't go to the beach at all.

Why weren't you wearing your sexy hat?

Dildo_replacemen replies on 5/30/2006 8:49 pm:
So, does that make you a bright white peach? Can I call you my bright white peche?

Um... I like holes and layers, but what's an ozone???

My sexy hats for um... you. If I wore a hat like that out here, I'd get lynched for sure by the crazy Scotsmen that live in these here parts. I have no desire to be violated by one!

meerkittykat 42F

5/31/2006 7:07 pm

I think it's a combo of all those things...ozone depletes, skin loses it's natural blocking ability older you get, diet affects your pigmentation, ect. ect.

um...I used to get awful sock lines from golfing. But I got all vain and started going to a tanning booth and it's no longer a problem....lol

Dildo_replacemen replies on 5/31/2006 7:41 pm:
Just as long as you don't step into a booth with your socks on.
Hell, it'd be even funnier if you only went in with one sock on! LOL

JeersPilarSaver 35F

6/2/2006 8:42 pm

i got burnt pretty bad in my back last year when im snorkling and its still there now damn!!! still working to make it disappear!!!

Dildo_replacemen replies on 6/4/2006 2:12 am:
The burn is still on your back after a year, are you serious? -- you know that ain't normal right?

JeersPilarSaver 35F

6/4/2006 8:19 am

heyy not the burn, i mean the tan lines !!!!!

Dildo_replacemen replies on 6/4/2006 9:18 am:
Personally I like a good tan line... as long as it's not a happy face or something odd like that.

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