The best sex ever!  

DickZillaDude 54M
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7/3/2006 3:27 pm
The best sex ever!

I recently met a married couple I had been talking online to for a short time. Let just call them Jack and Jill for security reasons. We all met at a local Hotel. A little nervous at first, we all timidly entered the hotel room together. We talked for a short bit till there was an awkward moment as to "What's Next?" Jack told Jill that we might as well get started and to kiss me. Jill jumped up and landed right square in my lap. And what a liplock kisser she was too! I remember thinking "Very Nice" while she was kissing me. Soon I felt a hand on my thigh. It was Jacks hand. He rubbed my cock through my pants for a minute till I thought I would get zipper scars! I said, "I think we all have on waaaaay too many clothes! They both agreed happily and we all stripped nude in a flash! As soon as we were nude, Jill got on her knees and started sucking my cock. oh! It was wonderful! Soon Jill stood up and started kissing me again. I was rubbing and squeezing her beautiful titties as Jack started sucking me. I said, man! I'm loving you guys now! We did everything that day. We each got sucked and we each got fucked! We passed each other cum kisses every chance we got too. I have never had more fun in one day in my entirre life! Thank you, Jack and Jill, (You know who you are)! I will be your friend forever and always available anytime you want to repeat or better our last meeting! Nothing could ever compare to our last meeting!


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