Good Time Girl  

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4/1/2006 3:19 am

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Good Time Girl

I am a 35 yr, old very horny housewife. I enjoy sex in public or naughty places with complete strangers, something like this....

I had been out shopping and on the way home I pulled into one of those little public toilets, you know, the kind with not much round about them but a car park, a main road and a few unsavoury characters. I got out of the car and as I did my dress rode up to my thigh giving the couple of drunks that were there a real eyeful, I was getting wolf whistles and "I'd love to give you one you stuck up bitch". I paid no heed to them and carried on into the loo.

I had pulled up my dress and down with my knickers and was no sooner doing my business when I could hear male voices in the female toilet. There was no catch on the door and suddenly it just swung open, I was trying to conceal myself but it's quite difficult when your knickers are round your ankles. One of the dirty looking men was just standing there learing at me. He spoke in a half slurred voice, "Ever been had in the toilet?".

I was a bit scared by now, but at the same time I found this situation and his manner a bit of a turn on. "Get out of here right now" I replied, knowing full well that he wasn't going to leave and that I had apparently no way out of this. By this time his other 2 friends had come in for a good look whilst the 4th kept watch on the door, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

I could feel my pussy getting wet now and my breathing getting heavier, my heart was pounding, I knew I really wanted some cock but not off of this drunken, dirty looking guy... Or did I?. I reached down to pull up my pants and as I did he stood forward and put his foot on them, so I couldn't pull them up. "Let's see what you have, open that dress up and give us a good look". I unbuttoned my dress slowly and let them see the silk and lace black bra I had on underneath, it went with my pants and hold ups. "yes", they said "Get your tits out".

As I undid my bra and let my breasts fall out, the first guy pushed his manhood in my face, I objected at first until he gripped me by the hair, I took it in my mouth, I started sucking this complete strangers tool. My vagina was on fire, I felt like such a cheap woman and they added to it. One of his mates butted in "Take her out of here and into the guys toilets, no guy is going to take it in the there but a woman might.

I was quickly hustled into the gents where they took me into a stall, immediately I was bent over the toilet and a big fat tool rammed hard up my wet hole. One of the others came round and got me to suck on his member, by this time I really didn't care as I was loving it. "Look" the third guy said "The tart is actually enjoying it, you like it rough bitch? Think your better than others you fuckin slut?. "We are going to play with you". He held my arse, took his penis from my cunt and started stuffing it into my rear , Jesus it hurt! I was squirming to get away at this point but once he was fully in it was a tremendous feeling.

One guy sat on the toilet with me on his cock, the other up my arse and I was also sucking a dick, the last guy groped my tits and fingered my clit while playing with himself. The guy at my bum tensed up and shot a huge load right up my arsehole then the second guy let go in my mouth, he squirted his hot jizz all over my face and hair. The third guy let out a moan as he let loose his balls and his semen squirted into my cunt. They took a break and let their pal take a shot as he hadn't had any.

This last guy was massive and he was only about 19. he pushed his hard cock up me saying "Do you like to fuck younger guys with big dicks slut?", "Yes, yes I do" I replied. "Are you not getting any off your limp dick husband?", "No no, not like this", "Okay, now shut the fuck up", as he pushed with all his might. I had several orgasms right there, right away.

I was screaming for their pricks now as I got fed the 2 knobs that had been in my arse and up my pussy. I ate them greedily like a real whore. We fucked some more then the big dick in my cunt erupted, OH MY GOD! His cock was so big it was in me right past my cervix, this cock was literally in my womb and it just dumped the contents of his nutsac there. I could feel it pumping inside me.

They all had a few more turns of me and once they were done they asked me for some beer money, which I gave them, then they all left. I now was hit with a dilemma. My dress was in the ladies, my hold-ups were now all ripped and cum stained, and I looked as though I had been came on by the green giant! There was cum in my hair, on my face, on my tits, dripping from my cunt and ass, in my pussy hairs... I was a mess, and not even any toilet paper to clean it with.

I finally plucked up the courage to open the door and leave and as I did a group of young guys in there early 20's walked in... "Looks like you've been into orbit' for England girl. Want to share that ass with us?". love it, I thought, In for a penny I always say. "Lets go boys, who's first?".

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