A Meeting to Remember  

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4/22/2005 9:12 pm

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A Meeting to Remember

Ok...So I am new to this type of thing but here it goes.

Last month I started to talk to a guy from AdultFriendFinder and he seemed pretty cool. He was sweet, smart, intelligent,and cute. We talked all the time. After about 3 weeks of talking and him persuing me to no end I finally got up the courage to meet him. Now to let you all know I am pretty shy when it comes to meeting someone for the first time.
Now this man and I had so much in common, it was at times alittle scary. There were very few things that were different.difference was our . Not a big gap, considering age is just a number.
Now we met up right after he got of work. At a place that I myself thought was a good place to meet. He had something to eat and I didn't eat at all cause I had already had dinner. He told me a story that he promised to tell me when we met. I had forgotten that he was going to tell me but I listened to his story. By the time he finished him meal I was feeling alittle more comfortable.
We left the resturant me in my car and he in his, then I followed him to his house. When we got there I got out of my car and followed him up to the door. We got into his house and he just went about doing what he normally does when he gets home. I finally asked to get the grand tour of his house. He walked me around showing me every room in his house.
Then he went to making drinks and asked if I wanted one. Of course I said yes and he fixed me a rum and coke (the drink both of us both prefered). We talked and talked about things that do not come back to my mind. Then my drink started to get low and he asked if I wanted another one....cause at this time we didn't know if anything was going to happen and if it didn't I had to drive home. I agreed to another but this time I wanted a shot. So I grabbed the mixes that were nessicary for it. He then grabbed the bottles and started to make the shots. Then he made the toast to a fun night.
Well after that shot we had a few more, made me relize there was no way I was going home that night. So we continued to talk, then he started to compliment me on my eyes. He asked me to take off my glasses. I then took them off and he told me to come here so he could get a better look at my eyes. He then looked me in the eyes and started to run his fingers through my hair. I then leaned just alittle closer to him and looked him in the eyes. We met face to face and had the best kiss I had had in a long time.
After we stopped he looked at me and just made a noise of satisfaction. I then just leaned forward and kissed him again. Our mouths met and this time it was even better. His hands roamed allover while mine were doing the same. He then slowly started to kiss my neck which always sends chills all over my body. Slowly he worked his way down to my chest and kissed breasts. Now as he started to come back up I grabbed his shirt and took it off.
Then we continued to kiss this time I stared nibbling on his ear. Working my way down his cheast and kissed him all over. Rubbing my hands all over him I slowly worked them down to his pants. Rubbing his long thick cock making if rise even more. He then grabbed my shirt and took it off and then continued to kiss me all over my cheast. By now he was so hard I could feel it poking me. He grabbed my hand and led me to his room.
I laid down on his bed and he crawed over to me and then kissed me. He them slowly unzipped my pants and took them off. Then he laid over me and I could feel his hard cock between my legs. Grinding me slowly I felt the passion rise even more. Then slipping my hand down his pants I began to stroke him.
Taking off his pants I then could see his cock for the first time. Then with my amazement he laid me back down on my back and continued to ginde me. I told him seductively that I wanted him to go down on me. He then worked his way down kissing me all the way down. He got to my panties and took them off and threw them out the door.
To Be Continued.........

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