Why 45 minutes?  

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6/11/2006 6:58 pm

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Why 45 minutes?

Why football match was only have 45 minutes? not 1 hour or 30 minutes? (for the first half)

Even sport's analysis and veteran players also cant give the correct answers. But there is one guy made a conclusion to solve that conundrom.

He said "Why that is 45 minutes...there is a 2 teams in any matchs and 11 players each side. Each players have "2 balls" and always keep it with them during match. So, by mathematically the total of the "balls" is 44. And, there is one ball in the field during the match. So thats why it is 45 minutes in every match.

Problem solved!

But, sometimes there is an added or injured time(e.g 2 minutes)....and that is referee's balls!!...

Moral of the story:


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