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7/20/2006 8:13 pm

Making out

Whatever you call it, kissing means the meeting of lips to lips, or maybe even to a cheek, a forehead, a neck or a shoulder. It’s easy, intimate and fun, but lately it’s been getting the short end of the stick. Now, when you tell someone you made out with a cute guy or a cute girl the other night, the question often follows: “What else did you guys do?”

For some of us, kissing has become just a warm-up before more full-body activity. When you're thinking about what comes next, kissing can be taken for granted. What happened to those sweet, innocent, yet still meaningful kisses? Why are we in such a hurry to do something else, when kissing can be so much fun?

So, where exactly does it come from?

No one knows for sure how kissing started. In Andrea Demirjian’s book Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures, she discusses several theories. One theory is that kissing developed from cavewomen passing along already-chewed food to their babies. Some believe that this very tender act might have turned into what we now know as kissing. Demirjian also thinks that cavemen used to smell the breath of their potential cavewomen partners as a test to see if they were healthy and clean, and that may have evolved into today’s act. And she says that Roman men practiced kissing their wives when they returned home to check if they had been drinking wine while they were away.

Kissing has come a long way, baby, and today it's a familiar expression of love–something that everybody does, from kisses of greeting to passionate kisses.

Here are some other words for kissing from some/most of us it?


Do u think That Kissing is Underrated?

I have to agree that kissing is underrated. With games like passing Starburst back and forth and deploying “attacks,” the possibilities for fun are endless.
But for me, i do appreciate the simple pleasure of kissing. You may find there's no reason to rush into more risky sexual behavior, when there is so much fun to be had just...kissing.

What do u think?


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