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In memory

(Saturday) December 2nd,2000 - 11.00 a.m

It was a journey from Australia to Singapore again in fasting's month (Ramadhan-10th of Muslim's month).We all were not working that day. So, its was a chance for us to take a rest. Our ship was in the Indonesian territorial waters.It was a beautiful sunny day and nice view of ocean. Gosh, it was a couple of days that we (seamen) have to watch only the WATER!!. But, its life of seamen.
5 minutes before 11 a.m, the emergency bell rings again all over the ship. I was wondering what will happen again this time. After made some preparation, me and my friend went to Ship's Office to get the information from the Safety Officer on what was exactly happened. Hmm..I've got a new experience again in my life. This time, we have to safe and rescue a boat victim from drowning. Oh my God!
By using of binocular,we have spotted three group of them raise their hand for help.After a couple of minutes when ship's speed reduce,the Captain was command and monitor us for what to do from the Command Room. We've used a method of "zig-zag" and "circumference" to rescue the victim. After a minutes later we've reached to the first group of them. All the ship's crew gave a good cooperation to rescue these victim. It was a miserable thing when i saw one of the victim in sopping and shivering. He is a boatswain. He told us it was 17 of them struggle in the ocean for 1 day. Gosh!
After an hour we have successfully saved all of them. Some of them was very exhausted because of that incident. We gave all of our energy just to make them recover what was happened to them including foods,medicines and others. They all appreciated our help and thank God that they were saved at last. I was sympathize to them.
From our conversation with them, they was forced to load over the limit so, that the small boat can easily collapse when there was a big wave.
Their journey were from Surabaya to Maluku to send some merchandise. After they all recover, we send them to port of Surabaya. Indonesian government was highly appreciated what we was done. For me it is our responsibilities to help people on disaster. We don't know yet when we're in trouble in the future, who knows? So that its our right to give a hand to helping people.
It was a great experience for me since i'm working onboard ship. I am comfortable with my work now with those great experiences. Maybe i can share this with my children later on.
But now, i just want to share with you guys no matter who are you because you are some of my friends. Maybe this story is not good as yours, but i just wrote what in my mind with honestly.


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