To picture or not to picture.  

DevilDogDan 61M
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7/19/2006 9:39 pm
To picture or not to picture.

Okay. Tonight I'm looking for some advice so please give me your comments. I don't currently have a picture on my profile but am consideriing putting one out there. When I say considering, that means I'm arguing back and forth with myself and neither side is winning. I don't worry that someone I know will see the picture on this site and I'll be embarassed. I figure if they see the picture here that means they're at least checking out the site too. Besides, I don't really care if someone I know doesn't like the fact that I'm here. The main issue is whether a picture will bring more responses or turn women away (actually more like scare the hell out of them). The biggest problem is that I've only had two pictures in my life that I thought were decent representations of me. I look at the rest and it's the same reaction you get when you hear your own voice on tape. The "That can't be me" reaction. Of the two decent pictures, one was taken when I was a freshman in college and the other one about nine years later so I can't use either of them. Talk about misrepresenting yourself. So if I put a picture on my profile, I'll likely get no response from women who won't find me attractive enough. Then the question is, "Do I care if a woman who bases her opinion of me on a picture rather than on who I am, doesn't respond." The answer is "A little." Hey, at least I'm honest. As for the women who will respond or continue getting acquainted after they see the picture, they deserve respect enough for me not to "hide" from them. So I guess I've solved my problem myself. That's usually what happens when I take the time to write it out. But don't let that deter you from putting in your comments. I love the interaction and you need to let me know what you think of the picture. Besides, you get points every time you comment on a blog so write something but keep it civil. Until next time. DDD

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