Have you met Dan?  

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7/16/2006 3:05 pm

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Have you met Dan?

So, today I'm just going to give you a little of my background so if anyone reads my future posts they'll have an idea of where some of this stuff comes from.

I was raised in southern New Mexico. Actually, I lived in El Paso for four years but, come on, everybody knows it's more like New Mexico than Texas. Besides, it's closer to San Diego than it is to Houston. Anyway, after high school I spent four years at the Naval Academy and chose the Marine Corps as the place I would serve my 5-year commitment. I spent the first of those years at schools in Quantico, Virgina and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Then I got to spend two and a half years in scenic Twenty-nine Palms, California. Actually, it was a great place to be stationed right out of Artillery School because it's one of the few places you can shoot live rounds. Also, San Diego is about a three-hour drive so that's where I spent every weekend. My last two years I was assigned to a Navy ship homeported in San Diego. I met the ship in the Philipines on its way out for a Western Pacific/Indian Ocean deployment. During the deployment we made port calls in Thailand, Singapore, Kenya, Australia, Korea, and Hawaii as well as the Philipines. When the deployment was over I got to live in San Diego instead of just visiting it. I actually lived in an apartment complex in La Mesa (a suburb of San Diego) a few miles from the UCSD campus. Needless to say, after the first weekend at the apartment pool I was very pleased with my choice in living accomodations.

When I left the Marine Corps I got my Masters in Accounting from New Mexico State. I already had an MBA from Chapman University that I got taking night classes while I was in the Marine Corps. I went from NMSU to the University of Oklahoma to start the PhD program in accounting. Decided fairly quickly that I'd rather spend my life doing accounting than researching it so I left OU but had married an Okie so I stayed in Oklahoma. Had three kids and several jobs (not all in accounting)over the subsequent 18 years or so. Moved to Albuquerque about three years ago shortly after divorce proceedings began and have been divorced now for two years. Despite what most people will tell you, sometimes divorce is the best thing for the kids.

Well, that's probably too long a post for most people to care to read but now you'll have some clue about where my future posts come from. Next post: why I'm here and what I'm looking for.

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