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12/29/2005 6:37 pm

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Patience comes hard to me, especially where affairs of the heart are concerned. I hate not being with somebody, not having that special someone to share the days with. So I struggle with the battle between aggressively searching that someone out and waiting for the right one to come along.I've had relationships that started out both ways, and while the results ended up the same, the ones that I waited for seemed to last a bit longer and grow a bit deeper. This would seem to make waiting the right approach. However, that's where the patience thing comes in. It's hard to wait, especially on these cold, lonely Minnesota nights, especially during the holidays when it is so nice to have someone to care for and to care for you, especially when I think of the fun I could be having (wink wink). But maybe, just maybe, I've had enough hard breakups to finally be able to wait for the one who is truly right.

So what do you all think? Is it better to wait for the right one to cross your path, or is it better to actively search out the right one, knowing that you may have to go through a few to find that right one?

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