A virgin nevermore...  

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12/26/2005 7:25 am

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A virgin nevermore...

To this point I've managed to avoid the whole blogging thing. I guess there's just not a budding journalist inside of me that's just dying to break free. On the other hand, keeping my mouth shut has never been a talent of mine (well, at least not for the last decade or so), so here I am.

It seems a little weird writing with a picture of my dick up there in the right hand corner. May have to change that to something more inspiring. But then, inspiration is such a fickle thing.

Speaking of inspiration, what inspires me to show up here on AdultFriendFinder day after day? Good question. I've never actually met anyone that I've chatted with, so it isn't the hookups so conspicuously promised. It's no longer the pictures of real people in various states of undress that first attracted me to AdultFriendFinder (since I no longer pay for the privilege of membership). I guess in the end it must be the people that make this such an interesting peek into another world.

Speaking of manifestos (I wasn't, but you knew I would eventually), here's mine:

I believe that there is that one woman out there with whom I can share everything and with whom I can spend the back half of my life in happiness and wonder. Just haven't found her yet.

I believe if ti feels good, and no one gets hurt and there are no legal complications, it can't be bad.

I believe that Alice Cooper would make on hell of a presidential candidate in 2008.

I believe in the power of humor and laughter (as anyone who has seen me in a chat room can hopefully attest).

I believe that sexy is as sexy does, and there is way more to good sex than meets the genitals.

I believe that I deserve to get mine and you deserve to get yours.

I believe it's time for the guys in KISS to finally hang it up.

I believe that it's still okay to open doors and pull out chairs for my lady, but that doesn't mean I won't kick your ass if you insult her.

I believe I've gone on way longer than I should have. That's what I believe and I'm sticking too it. See you around...

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