Sensuality is fun  

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1/21/2006 4:30 pm

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Sensuality is fun

I sometimes think my views of sex and romance have an old school flair to them as opposed to many of my contemporaries. Maybe it is attributed to being raised in the Conservative South and not experimenting much either in high school or college. While people were exploring sex, I was waiting for various reasons. One was I was waiting till marriage, thinking it was around the corner though I had no woman in mind to be my wife. Plus I felt that your first time should be a magical experience, setting the stage for how you will forever view sex and romance. I've heard of too many people whose first time was in an uncomfortable place that lasted only a few minutes. I think I was spoiled by how sex is portrayed in the movies, hour long sessions which encompassed passion, romance, laughter and an experience that blows any other away.

So for years I would slowly take baby steps in relation to sex. First it was naked making out, to just oral play and massages. It wasn't till I was 23 that I lost my virginity. The funny thing is before that I was asking everyone about it, doing my research if you will. So I was ready, off to Paris, France I went with a mission to finally have sex. It was a bust, it wasn't until after I returned that I met someone who was my first time. Truth be told, it was all that I imagined and more. It lasted for 45 minutes and it was with someone special. The attraction we had to each other added an element I never had imagined.

Thus that's why I value such elements as kissing, foreplay, oral sex.... because all those years of not having sex I still enjoyed those elements. I mean at times I would rather have and give a good massage than have sex. Because it builds up the moments, so when the time to have sex comes both parties are ready.

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