Blue balls abound. Grrrrrrrrr!  

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3/23/2006 4:24 am

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3/23/2006 4:30 am

Blue balls abound. Grrrrrrrrr!

This site is so much like the art of fishing: you cast your line and hope for the best. Sure you might get a few nibbles, but when you seek further it is no longer there. Or when you do hook something, you realize it wasn't what you were looking for and you toss it back into the water.

Not really a big fisherman, so not sure why I used a fishing analogy. Just wanted to share my latest misses.

We had met on the instant messenger chat program and been talking on chatroom via webcam for a week. Then she just sort of disappeared without a trace. A shame, seemed like alot of fun. She did seem insecure about her smile though.

Someone I did meet, though we are in different stages in our lives. She is ready to have kids, which I am not seeking. Think we might be friends but nothing more.

Trying to figure out if this person was who they really claimed to be. Kinda feel of the radar.

Actually a friend of mine and the only woman I have meet off here in LA which developed into a relationship. We decided to switch to friends for both our benefits, which I think works out. a true darling.

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