What a night!!  

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12/4/2005 5:36 pm

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What a night!!

This is one of the best night's of sex that I've ever had. Even though we've been married for over 10 years, we are still relatively shy when it comes to sex.
While I am definitely a bit of a voyeur, my wife still tends to think of sex in the dark and I've almost never seen her play with herself (even though she knows that this is a huge fantasy of mine).
For whatever reason, this night, she was feeling much more free then she'd been in a long time.
The night started out innocently enough with me giving her a massage. I was trying to be good and not seduce her, but after 10-15 minutes, she started to really respond to my touch. After awhile, she turned over so I could do her front.
Now, my wife has an unbelievable pairs of tits and I never get tired of playing with them, so this was the turning point for me in the night. Her nipples were hard and she was arching her back pushing herself into my grasp.
For some reason, she sat up, so I decided to take of my PJs and laid down behind her. I was expecting her to pay down again, but instead, she took a hold of my cock and started giving me a mind-blowing BJ. This went on for 10-15 minutes and I was in hog-heaven. She took her time stroking my shaft and sucking my balls, alternating with flicking the tip of my cock with her tongue.
She pulled out a vibrator and I thought tonight might be the night where I get to lay back and watch her pleasure herself, but instead she used it around the base of my cock and teased my shaft.
Normally, when she finishes giving me head, I get the jun task of reciprocating, but tonight she climbed right on board and started riding me like a cowgirl at the rodeo. After a few minutes of this, I came.. well, I thought that would be the end of it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I stayed hard. So, we decided to keep going.
Her legs were getting tired, so we switched to going doggy style. This is one of my new favorite positions. It doesn't do much for her, but man is it intense for me.
I was really working hard, she had decided that her goal was to make me cum twice (not that I was complaining).
Now, one thing that turns me on more then almost anything else is knowing that she is getting pleased.
So after a few minutes of pounding her from behind, I heard a familiar humming noise and she pressed the vibrator against her clit as I banged her. I could feel my balls slapping against her.. I was really riding her much harder then I ever had in the past and she was really moaning. She finally came, although it was a small orgasm and she needed more.
Since I love to eat muff, I quickly volunteered for the mission. Never in our 11 years of marriage have I ever gone down on her after I've come. Not that I have been opposed, but normally she doesn't let me.
Tonight, she spread her legs wide open and I got to clean her up. Her pussy is soo good I could do that all night.
I can count the times that I have failed to get her off this way on one hand, and tonight would add to that total. She would get close, but never quite get there.
Finally, I gave up and suggested that her toy might do better.
Wow was I shocked when she agreed and started to play with herself. This is one of the rabbit ones, which actually doesn't work that well for her. When it is inside of her, the "rabbit" doesn't hit her clit right, so she normally uses it upside down.
She was really getting into it and I started playing with one tit and she grabbed the other..
I was in heaven!

Someday, I really hope that we can find a woman to join us. I would love to watch her get pleasured!!



12/13/2005 10:38 am

Great story...and your wife looks very beautiful!!!

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