"Wish You Were Here"  

Dersmoe2medenU 36M
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6/20/2006 2:02 pm
"Wish You Were Here"

I dreamed that you were sleeping
next to me in bed...
Body pressed against me
apon chest lay your head
I could swear I saw you smilin
whispered in your ear
I love you.... wish you were here

So I left a kiss apon your cheak
and pulled you close to me
as the tears rolled down my face
a shake had cought my knees
as my heart began to hunger
I ran my fingers threw your hair

You've gone heaven... wish you were here

well I know the roads been rocky
I took your heart for a ride
I broke it into pieces
one day at a time
burn every single bridge
by never being here
I"m against the tide

and I'm not in heaven... but I'm almost there

all you had to do is smile
let me walk you down the isle
say you loved me everyday...
and I should have took me by the hand
helped when u couldn't stand
Now I am ashamed...

I really loved you... Wish you were here

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