"Still In My Heart"  

Dersmoe2medenU 36M
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6/20/2006 12:56 pm

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6/21/2006 6:10 pm

"Still In My Heart"

I spend most of this nights
all alone
sometimes its hard to believe
that you really gone
I tucked your memories away
in a special place
so no one could tell
by the look on my face

Yeah your still in my heart
always on my mind
the part of my everyday

Girl you struck a nerve
yeah you hit a vain
and all these
torn emotions semm to
drive me insane
so I try to forget
and move along
but theres so much of you
that ain't gone

yeah your still in my heart always on my mind
a part of my everyday

Now the time drags on
and close my eyes
just waiting on a reason
just to barely get bye
I take a deep breath
think of you
and all of these emotions
once again pull me through

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