yesterdays conclusion  

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3/1/2006 9:23 pm

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yesterdays conclusion

First things first - there are many theoreys about the uneven legs of the V in the migrating duck formations, ranging from the position of the sun, to the angle of the wind, but the real reason is much more basic than that. The reason that there is one leg of the V longer than the other is that it has more ducks in it

I know...I know... Bad monkey, no banana

Sleep is so overrated...I have not gotten more than 4 hours a night in atleast a week, and I am as rational as ever. uh huh truly I am.

The week is half over, and Oklahoma casinos seem to be in the lead as far as weekend plans. I have been to Las Vegas, and had fun, but dont know what to expect in Oklahoma. I am not what I would call a big gambler. I dont have any patterns or schemes, I just go to have fun and enjoy myself. That reminds me - when a man with a relatively small penis stripped in front of a rather snooty lady, she pointed and with a laugh said "Who do you expect to please with that?", to which he smiled and said "Me".
Been outside for about an hour tonight, enjoying the night air, and listening to the coyotes. If not for the mosquitos, I would probably sleep on the porch tonight...well mosquitos and the rumor of another displaced mountain lion in the area. Not that I think there would be a big chance of becoming lion food, or that I am afraid of them, there is just a limit to how far i want to press my luck.
I wonder what keeps city-folk from sleeping on their porch on a night like tonight?

Smiles and Happiness to all

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