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4/19/2006 9:59 pm

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Getting this out of the way first.... For those who took the last entry too seriously....ummm...look at the date of the post
Ok, thats out of the way.
Signed the papers that in two months will make me single in the eyes of the court again. Yee-friggen-haw. Someone said I should have a party...yeah, sure, and hire a clown to make balloon animals at the next funeral you go to. This is not a good time, although I know for some, it can be a great was with my first one, thats for certain, but this is different. I know that there are women out there who can be trusted, and it is not easy for me to give trust to them, or to anyone other than two buddies who I trust my life too, and they to me. Eventually, maybe I will learn to trust people again, but for now, I am just not ready to do that.
You want honesty, thats what I give. I dont really know how to be anything else other than honest, so if you ask me a question, dont gripe if the answer i give is not what you want to hear, just know that it is an honest answer, and be glad that I respect you enough as a person to give you the truth, be it good or bad.

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4/23/2006 6:51 pm

hi there this one was good. i like you. you have a lot to get off your chest and writing is a good way to get it off. i will be here for you.

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