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3/2/2006 11:40 pm

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rambling observations

the things that come into my mind when I am driving at night...not to be taken seriously

When a single male sleeps with many women, he is an uncareing oaf, only viewing woman as sex objects

If a single woman sleeps with many men, she is regarded as spirited, free, breaking the bounds of a male dominated society and asserting herself

When a married man sleeps with a woman other than his wife, he is a cad, louse, jerk, etc...

When a married woman sleeps with a man other than her husband, it is because she is not getting the attention she should get at home (husband is a cad, louse, jerk, etc..)

If a single man sleeps with a married woman, he is the poolboy, or dead if her husband finds out

If a single woman sleeps with a married man, she is the nanny (or an unemployed intern if the wife finds out)

Conclusion - Men only get respect if they have sex when married and with their wife.
Women get respect if they have sex regardless of who it is with or when

......And men gave up a rib for this?

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