Where are the faces?  

DeltaCowboy41 52M
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6/21/2006 10:16 pm

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7/30/2006 10:24 pm

Where are the faces?

Ok, at the risk of losing my credentials as a neanderthal, I must ask : Where are the faces? Now dont get me wrong, I dont mind the various parts of a womans anatomy, and receiving those photos is not something I object to (earning back caveman points), but how about a face too? A set of boobs is nice, but a face picture is even better. Lingerie or a snug t-shirt and tight jeans is sexier than full nude - at least it is to me, and thats what is important. You didn't want all your christmas presents wrapped in clear plastic did you? .....And thats why I dont send penis-pics without a special request, and not without at least some kind of communications first. Some sense of discovery/anticipation adds to the excitement. Now....if you still insist on sending those partially clothed pics...well... who am I to object? (massive caveman points)

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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6/21/2006 10:45 pm

This is a refreshing post! I thought men wanted to see those type of pictures. I thought that because there are so many tits and ass shots. Not to mention tons of penis shots. Don't get me wrong, I like to look at a nice penis. But I often wonder what the face looks like too. Who knows? Maybe not knowing is better.

JuicyBBW1001 54F

6/22/2006 9:58 pm

I have my eyes my nails and my boobs on my profile but to see all of me you have to be in my network and it takes alot to get to my network too. But I agree if your going to correspond and perhaps meet someone a Face or Full body shot should be exchanged first.


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