Things I wonder about  

DeltaCowboy41 52M
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3/25/2006 11:23 pm
Things I wonder about

When a woman says ' I want your honest opinion ', and you give it, why do they get mad, or argue about it?

What makes the non-stick surface of a pan stick to the pan?

Why do all of the television stations have commercials at the same time? If a series of stores conspire to have an item at the same price, it is called price-fixing...Do television broadcasters engage in Ad-fixing?

Why does hot sauce get hotter when refridgerated?

Why does everyone think I snore but me?

Cottage cheese?

Who thought that naming a color Chartreuse was a good idea? - what happened to lite bright green?

Speaking of lite bright - Where have they gone?..I have not seen them in a very long time.

Why are the fun toys of our youth now banned as evil and one step short of a WMD? I never knew anyone impaled by a lawn dart, but those hula-hoops I blame for many back problems, and they are still on the market.

Where have my pants gone to now?

Do single people think married people have sex as often as married people think single people do?

Barley...water...hops...yeast.. Can beer be considered a food group?

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