Master/Slave Erotica  

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3/1/2006 10:19 pm

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Master/Slave Erotica

He looked beautiful. His tone firm body stretched out across my bed, wrists high above his head tied to the head board with a strong but soft cotton rope, the same type that bound his ankles to the foot of the bed . His long thick cock, fully erect, begging to be touched. I sat next to him, also naked, trailing my whip slowly down his body.

I could hear him whimpering, just waiting for me to snap the whip for the littlest reason." I'm so sorry mistress." I look up a him surprised, "Why are you sorry?"

" I'm sorry for whatever I did, to make you torment me like this. Please untie me, let me please you mistress."

I laugh. "You know what would please me the most right now." I pick up my discarded thong off the floor, "for you to be absolutly quite and let me enjoy this." I stuff my thong into his mouth. He starts to spit it out so I crack the whip lightly on his leg, and he stops."Good boy."

I put the whip to the side but still acessible if he mis-behaves and kneel down between his legs. I grined devilishly as I wrapped my lips around the head of his throbbing erection, staring into his face. Sucking softly as one of my soft hands cups and squeezes his balls. My tounge dips down, down the whole length of his amazing cock. Roughly licking my way back up, once again wrapping my lips around him. He keeps wiggling against the restaints making them tighter. Piece by piece I take him fully down my throat, hearing him moan against his gag. I suck on him hard and fast, watching his chest rise ad fall with the rythem of his heavy breathing.

Softly I rake my teeth up his shaft, seeing his eyes shut tight and his nails diging into his own hands as he fights not to cum, just makes me want to continue this sweet torture. I pull off him, hearing a groan of both reilef and protest. I slide up his body wrapping my hand around his cock and starting to stroke quickly, squezzing gently as I playfull pull on collar with my teeth. "come on my precious, stop fightig it and cum for me." I start to rub my dripping pussy against his leg as I stroke him faster. " Make me sticky" I whisper softly into his ear.

He moans and shakes a little as he cums all over my legs and stomach. I lean down and lick the cum off his cock, Pull the thong from his mouth and getting some of his cum on my fingers, I have him lick my fingers clean. " Thank you mistress," he whispered as I started to untie his ankles. As I leaned over his face he leaned up and started nibbling on my breasts. I moaned softly as he bit down so hard it drew blood. He licked it up as I removed the last rope.

As soon as his hands were free he pulled me up to him, running two fingers up my wet slit. Then roughly shoving them deep into my pussy. I moan his name as he ask's "Now may I please you mistress?"

tjinsoutheastpa1 53M
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3/2/2006 5:58 pm

mmmmm....very hot story. I've never been tied up before, but wouldn't mind being tied up by you and letting that happen to me!

rm_oral_phaeton 35M

3/4/2006 1:26 pm

It's been a while since I've called someone Mistress. I may miss it a bit, I do believe.

If I might continue this story from a different point of view..


Mistress replies, "I should punish you for using your hand like that without permission. However, since it does feel so good, I'll punish you later."

Hearing my queue, I slide over on the bed, and ease her down onto it beside me. My fingers begin sliding back and forth in her increasingly damp pussy, beginning to massage her G-spot. I place my thumb along my fingers, but just outside her pussy. When my thumb becomes lubricated, it slides up to her clit, gently massaging it in a circular motion while my fingers continue their probing.

While her body starts to react to my actions, I sidle up next to her. While staring deeply into her eyes, I begin to kiss her deeply and passionately. She lets out a moan of pleasure, but more firmly and louder than previous. We feel the energy of the moment in each other's lips and eyes. She whispers to me, "If you do this right, I might overlook your transgression."

Using the tools at hand, I take my finger and thumb from my other hand, and place them just oustide her pussy to soak up her juices. Once wet, I begin massaging her non-bitten nipple with my lubricated fingers. Smelling her pussy right near our faces drives our lust even higher.

Her pussy starts to contract slowly, but steadily. As she grows closer to orgasm, she wraps her arms around me, and draws me closer to her. Then, like an oasis in the desert, is that one thing I had been waiting for. Her pussy relaxes ever so slightly, warning of the impending orgasm. After whimper, "I love it when you cum on my fingers, Mistress!" I double the speed of my fingers, and use a syncopated rythm to my rubbing. She climaxes, clenching her pussy down on my fingers, trapping them in place. She lets out a deep-toned, gutteral scream of pleasure. Even though I can't move my fingers, my fingertips keep rubbing her G-spot. Nearly instantly, her arms tighten around me, pulling in tightly to her. While I'm focused on her spasms, I feel her nails dig into my back, just below my shoulders, and drag downwards. She relaxes, and we lay together, holding each other. After a short time of silence, I say, "Thank you for allowing me to please you Mistress. It's the least I could have done for you." This is greeted with "What makes you think you're done?" A smile creeps onto my face, and broadens.

I roll over to straddle her while kneeling. We begin kissing again, and my returning erection begins to press into her stomach. Feeling that extra point of pressure on her, she begins to moan, ever so softly. I begin to kiss and nibble on her neck...

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3/4/2006 1:53 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

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