Playmates VI  

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9/6/2005 1:39 pm

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Playmates VI

*Note - This is the next installment in the series "It's My Party." After all, it was no longer just my was ours. This post details my thoughts leading up to our first meeting, then links back to each of our erotic encounters, ending with our sixth evening spent together.

My Initial Thoughts

I'd been searching for the perfect playmate for quite some time. Someone to share and fulfill deep, intimate, inner fantasies and desires. Sure, there were many offers on the table. But, I had my mind set on the perfect partner, one who met my specifications for the ultimate FWB/LTR experience. After all, this man was going to take me places I'd never been. There had to be trust. There had to be comfort. Above all, there had to be laughter and friendship. Those were qualities I refused to dismiss or take lightly.

We had talked briefly for a few weeks, our attempts at meeting foiled by various obligations. Besides, our conversations had lead me to believe he was most likely not what I was seeking, so I was still undecided about whether or not our meeting would be beneficial. I hadn't spoken with him in a few weeks and assumed he had lost interest when he surprisingly resurfaced, explaining his absence, and inquiring about us meeting for dinner or drinks.

I agreed without hesitation. After all, he was very easy on the eyes and intellectually stimulating. The worst that could happen would be a night of mindless sex. No, it's not my nature to consider a one-nighter, but I'd spent an extended period of time searching for "Mr. Perfect", and I was, well, quite honestly, "in need." We found an evening that was agreeable for us both, although I had to graciously excuse myself from previously planned birthday drinks with friends.

Yes, we'd be meeting on my birthday. And as shallow and selfish as it may sound, my friends couldn't offer the gift I was needing. Hopefully, he would.

It's My Party
Our first encounter.
It's My Party II
My swollen lips.
It's My Party III
It's My Party IV
Mutual exploration.
It's My Party V
Anal penetration.

This leads up to our sixth evening together, perhaps the most relaxed I'd been with anyone in years. Details later..."Playmates VII : Our Fantasies Unfold"

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