Mile-High (cont.)  

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8/2/2005 7:54 am

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Mile-High (cont.)

I suggest you read the previous posting on this topic to fully understand how this encounter developed. I came to what I viewed as an appropriate stopping point to shower and begin preparing for daily business.

We had yet to leave the airport terminal and he was already kissing me deeply and fondling my breasts through my shirt. His arousal had returned, this time in a deeply manic and erotic state. Knowing my nipples to be the most sensitive part of my body, he slid his hand under my shirt, pulled my bra down just enough to reveal my eagerly awaiting breasts, an began lightly squeezing my nipples between his fingers. His mouth quickly covered one breast, sucking and nibbling gently as his hand continued to squeeze the other.

My arousal intensified, so I slid my hand under my skirt and rubbed my clit through my panties to relieve the building pressure. He immediately moved my hand and restrained it against the seat, not allowing me to touch myslf as he continued sucking, licking, and nibbling each breast. I was now the one in a state of frenzy, begging him to rub my clit. He continued to ignore my plea for mercy and concentrated vigorously on each nipple. My panties were soaked by the time his fingers made their way down to tease my clit, his mouth still focused on my nipples. He slid his finger under my panties and began teasing my my hard clit, then began lightly massaging and pulling it between two fingers.

I had lost all sanity by this point. I was begging him to slid his fingers inside me, but once again, my plea was ignored. Instead, he told me to turn around, my knees on the seat, facing the rear window. He slid my panties off and spread my legs, and continued to tease my clit with one hand, my nipples with the other. His warm, wet lips trailed across my ass checks. As he increased the pressure on my clit, he slipped his tongue inside me and began slowly working in and out.

He pulled away momentarily to unzip his pants, and I could see him stroking his hard cock out of the corner of my eye. He slid two fingers inside me, just enough to stimulate my hot, wet, wanting lips. I was begging loudly, almost in tears, for him to fuck me. I felt his fingers go deeper and deeper inside me, moving in and out harder and quicker with each thrust. I exploded, cum running down both inner thighs, my hands gripping the leather seats tightly. He then leaned back against the seat, still stroking his hard cock, and told me to get on. With my back facing him, I slid my dripping lips down around his cock, taking every inch inside me. He caressed my breasts as I began riding up and down.

I could feel his cock swelling inside me, my hands stroking his balls as I continued to slide up and down his now well-lubricated cock. He pulled me back against him and began thrusting upward, his fingers rubbing my hard clit. I released my second, more intense orgasm, my juices flowing down his cock. He wrapped his arms around my waist and shoved his cock deeply into me, filling me with his hot cum. We sat there satisfied and exhausted for several minutes in complete silence, me still on top with him inside me. It was then that we realized we were only blocks from our hotel, and we hurriedly made ourselves presentable, laughing at the thought of not composing ourselves in time, and not really giving a damn.

Fact or fiction? You decide.

dabritbikerw3 64M
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8/17/2005 7:31 am

Somewhere in between. Part fact, part fiction.

Now if you had been travelling on a motorcyle in city traffic on the freeway, me driving, you in front......

DefiniteTrouble 50F

8/19/2005 12:17 pm

Nowhere between. Either completely true, or not at all.

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/2/2005 8:41 am

lmfao...are you stalking me T?

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