Are you up for jello shot's tonight????  

DefBiWifie 38F
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6/22/2006 10:17 pm
Are you up for jello shot's tonight????

After I got home tonight I decided I wanted to do some jello shot's.

Not just any kind of jello shots but special ones. I buy them at my local 7/11 and blues my favorite.

Anyway I have this unbelievably hot fantasy of eating my jello shots off of a hot pussy. Just the idea of sucking the wiggly goop from the sweet hollow of a certain woman's legs makes me hotter then this heat we are having now.

So if you are reading this stop at 7/11 on your way over, they are at the end of isle 2 in the back. The front door is unlock and I promise to get you drunk enough to take advantage of me

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