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Dianna and Staci were hopelessly lost. What had happened to the clear, sunny day they had started out with? The weather man on channel 6 had promised cloudless skies. Now, here they were, eking down a muddy back road in the country, sheets of torrential rain pouring down. The windshield wipers cleared a view for only seconds, before it blurred again. They could find only static on the radio, no help there.

Peering though the darkness and rain, they spotted a blur of lights in the distance and drove toward them. After a few minutes, they arrived on a paved driveway, in front of what could only be described as a mansion. Arches, tall stately windows, a wide expanse of a porch.

Dianna stopped the car in front of the mansion and turned off the ignition. She and Staci looked at each other and grinned, then each opened their doors and ran for the shelter of the house. Up the stone stairs onto the porch out of the rain. They each stood in a pool of water as the rain dripped from their bodies. Staci used the brass knocker and knocked on the heavy, carved wooden door.

A few moments later, over the thunder and lightening, they heard quick footsteps and then the sudden opening of the door and a shinning bright light was directed into their faces. A pleasant male voice behind the light spoke. "Well, what do we have here"? Two ladies in distress? Come in, come in. You're both soaked!

The two women stepped gratefully into the warm glow of the hallway. The man lowered the flashlight he held and flicked off the switch. "I'm Gregory. Welcome to my home ladies".

The man before the two sisters was tall, about 6', medium build, with black hair, gray at the temples. He wore slippers, slacks and a smoking jacket. Who in this day and age wore a smoking jacket?! His rugged face was not exactly handsome, but there was something about him that made him attractive, in a dangerous sort of way. And those deep blue eyes, seemed to have a way of looking through a person, as though he knew things about you, before you told him.

Gregory looked at the two women before him. One seemed to be in her late twenties, maybe early 30's. Tall, brown skinned, brown eyes and black wavy shoulder length hair. Her slender, but full breasted body was shivering, her clothes stuck to her. He could see her stiffened nipples through the wet cloth. She held out her hand to him, obviously unaware of the transparency of her clothing, "I'm Dianna" she said. "This is my sister, Staci".

Gregory's highbrows shot up, the two looked nothing alike. Staci, was shorter than her sister, also full breasted and obviously white, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She also shivered in transparent, soaking wet garments. She grinned at his expression and said "We're sisters by marriage. My father married her mother, so instant sisters". That was 15 years ago. She held out her hand, which he shook solemnly. And said "very pleased to meet you both. If you just follow Carlos here, he'll show you where you can change out of those wet clothes.

The women hadn't noticed the silent arrival of the other man. He was olive skinned, broad shouldered and wide chested. Each woman had the feeling that he took the whole of them in with his brief, dark eyed gaze. He held out his hand, bowing as he did so, directing them to follow him. They did not see the look that passed between the two men or Gregory's brief nod, that signaled what lay ahead for the two women that night.

(To be continued...)

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4/9/2006 12:10 am

Pinky dear!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN??? To be cont??? What??? You are killing me! I want more!!! This sounds soooo good already!


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