Esse Quam Videri  

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2/1/2006 5:50 pm

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Esse Quam Videri

"To Be Rather Than to Appear"

Interesting thought, to be sure, in this environment.

Forgive the feeble attempts at trying to drive emotionally in the last couple or three posts. Frankly, I'm not sure what was going on there.
Well, I do know what what going on with one of them.

It's been a frantic day or three past, so I've not been able to get here to really look at what's been going on.

I pop in tonight (and believe me kids, it's not been a good non-smoking day...more later) and find, like, comments...and positive ones, at that.

I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt, and assume that said comments were not drug induced or coerced at the point of a firearm.

Many thanks.

Ok...I've not had a cigarette in better than a week. Today, I would have had my testicles mashed flat with a wooden mallet to have a smoke.

I learned today that stress "was" a reason, among others, that I smoked. There was plenty of it today - enough to make me a case study, but I made it to this point, got into the door, and locked it at home.

For those who have successfully quit - I hate you.
Of course, I'm kidding, but I think I know a little about the mental state of a woman in the transition point of labor and delivery.

Today's props go to the makers of the Commit Lozenge. It's a wistful little nicotine substitute akin to sucking on a nickel. However, I have had considerable success with it as compared to the patches, to wit I had zero success. I could put 30 of those damn things on and still smoke a pack a day...but I digress.

Basically, I think the Commit Lozenges work like this:
You are always sucking on these things so you cannot smoke...quite simple, really.
The little pamphlet that comes with it says you should be able to dissolve one of those things in between 20 and 30 minutes. Yeah, well. Again, I refer you back to the nickel.

The one downfall, if it is one, to not smoking is not being able to enjoy my little Maker's Mark at the end of the evening. As a creature of habit (smoker...go f'n figure), I miss that.

Enough about me. How are y'all?

lovestochat2 46F

2/2/2006 1:26 pm



I keep quitting all the time...nothing seems to work or maybe I'm just not ready to quit...think the longest I made it was only when I was pregnant...(times that by 3, makes that a bit over 2 )

Well anyway...congrats again..


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