A DeLiciouSuprize  

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4/23/2006 3:53 pm

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A DeLiciouSuprize

It's a warm summer night, the sun is just starting to set. You come home after a long day. You call out to her but there is no answer. You look arond and find a note telling you to follow the rose petals. You smile and progress along the path of rose petals which leads you to the bathroom where you find a drawn bath and a beverage waiting for you. There is another note telling you to enjoy the bath and beverage and that she will be back in awhile. You look around and start to undress, you slip into the bath and instantly feel the days woes leaving you. A gulp of that beverage and the relaxing begins. You finish the drink and get up to dry off. You put a towel around you and walk into the bedroom and you find her in the bed waiting for you. Without a sound you slide in and she wraps her arms around you and tells you it's time for your massage. You roll over for her and you feel her straddle your body with her legs and her hands begin to massage your back. Her hands move along your body and touching all the right places. Then suddenly you feel her mouth on your neck. Her tongue licks your skin and sends a spark through out your body. Her tongue tracks over to your ear and she nibbles on your earlobe which is causing quite the reaction. The kisses start downward, slow, gentle, pleasing warm kisses. Across your butt to your legs and back up again. She rolls you over and see that this has you quite excited. She kisses up your legs over to your chest and onto your mouth. She gives you one of her passionate kisses that you have come to love. You take her by surprise and wrap her into your arms and roll over on top of her. You look deep into those blue eyes of hers and give her one of those deep, passionate kisses. Your hands begin to move ever so slowly down her body and start to unbutton her blouse. You smile as her blouse reveals her beautiful breasts, your hands immediately begin to massage her breasts, and within a moment you hear her moan that moan. You know this is what really turns her on. She looks down at you and again those blue eyes show you the pleasure you are providing. Your mouth can not wait any longer it has to have that nipple. Your mouth goes down and engulfs her nipple and you hear her gasp with excitement. This you know is what she really likes. Your tongue licks and flicks that nipple till it is so hard and she can not hold her orgasm in any longer. You look up at her and give her that sheepily smile of yours...........

funaddict65 53M

4/24/2006 10:02 am

Nice story, I figured that you are the woman, but who's the lucky guy?

stilllovessex69 73M

4/25/2006 8:19 am

I know I am out of your age range, plus too many miles between us - But I do enjoy reading your blogs. So I hope you don't mind if I continue reading your blogs.

ThickSlumsBorer 61F

4/26/2006 8:18 pm

stilllovessex.....you can read my blogs anytime


5/11/2006 4:42 am

HEY MARLENE?.........can I be that "Lucky Guy"??..btw: that works "both" ways..........Fantasies..have been know to cumm true........

ThickSlumsBorer 61F

5/12/2006 11:19 am

USMARSH...I think you should send me a message and we'll go from there...so far I've agreed with everything you have written. Who knows maybe you can be that guy ???


Limo_Driver42 54M

6/19/2006 8:06 pm


You have an excellent command of the english language.



8/18/2006 8:00 am


From reading your blogs one can deduct that you are a rare find. Confident, intelligent thoughtful and sensual. There should be more women like you it would be a nicer world. You are a diamond.

NotesSpoolPudgy 60M
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12/17/2006 6:47 am

This sounds vaguely familiar....LOL!!!!
Am I dreaming the same dream???.....or is it Deja Vu and this already happened???? If so, I think I need a refresher course.....not to remind me .....but because it certainly was fun....

ThickSlumsBorer 61F

1/15/2007 2:31 pm

FUNSTROKES........I think I'm a rough diamond that no one wants...but I'm still smiling ! Thank you for the comment


ThickSlumsBorer 61F

1/15/2007 2:34 pm

CoastRyder...I'd be hurt if you didn't remember ???!!!! Refresher course, huh ?? Extra help too ?? You're a sweetheart !!


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