It could happen  

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8/29/2005 11:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It could happen

I met a guy on the net today. Seems to be very nice but has no picture should I pursue it? We talked about some of our fantasies our likes and dislikes. Can you be attracted to someone's intellect and have no idea what they look like? I mean we may see each other and just walk away but after talking for so long and getting to know him I feel kind of connected. So this is a fantasy I am putting together for us. I like fantasies that can actually come true. We are going to meet at his place. I drive an suv. I pull up in his driveway open my door and get out. I am wearing a short black skirt that has a slit on the side, a pink blouse that buttons up the front and black heels. I walk up to the door. Ring the door bell. He opens the door. I look at him and instantly know we are going to fuck. I put myself against him so he can feel my nipples erect against him. I can feel his cock growing harder by the second. I put my arms around him and kiss his tongue like I would suck his dick. I pull away to kind of tease him and start to unbutton my blouse. I look around and he has a blanket on the floor and several pillows. While I am unbuttoning my blouse I am walking over to the blanket on the floor. As I take his hand he follows me. I turn and kiss him again. I love to kiss. I push him down so he is on the blanket. I bend down to kiss him again and straddle him. He runs his hand up my leg and I have no panties on. His strong hands find my hot wet pussy and he teases me. Never inserting his fingers. We kiss some more and now he pushes me to the floor. Pulls my skirt up and starts licking and teasing my pussy. Finally he inserts his fingers and is going in and out so fast that I start to orgasm. I am multi. It is my turn to take control again so I roll him over and start licking and sucking his cock I like to have eye contact while I am doing this. I love to watch a mans face when he is getting a good blow job. I love to please and seeing a mans eyes roll back in his head is a huge turn on. His eyes are somewhere in the back of his head now so I start licking up his stomach until I get to his hot lips. I take his cock and put it in my pussy and start to ride. It feels so good I can't quit. Just the feeling of his rock hard cock inside of me makes me orgasm again and again. He stops me so he can taste my juices and I can taste his and mine together. What a combination. His tongue in my pussy and my lips wrapped around his cock. It couldn't be any better. Until he stops and turns me over we are fucking doggie style my favorite position. He is riding me hard and fast and I am orgasming again. I am getting chills from excitement. I can tell he is about ready to cum so I stop him and take his hard cock in my mouth and finish sucking him off. The taste of his hot juices in my mouth makes me want more. We kiss again and lay on the blankets in exhaustion and fall asleep holding each other both of us content and happy.

tittylover1960 56

8/30/2005 9:33 am

nothing like good fantasies to make hopes and dreams become realized

rm_179368 48M

8/30/2005 1:48 pm

that is a pretty damn good tale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

open4fun2005 58M/50F

8/30/2005 8:32 pm

Wow!! Wouldnt it be nice to have that fantasy come true!! I do believe its possible to be attracted to someone's intellect without seeing them. However, I think it is only human nature to be physically attracted to someone...and usually this happens first. Only you know if it is right/ok to persue this without seeing the man's face. Do you know why he wont show his face? I personally want to see who I am talking to....although I am not garanteed that a face shot is the actual person I am are corresponding with.
I certainly hope this works out for you....and the fantacy that you have upon meeting this guy comes true....also hope that you can accept the fact that it all could possibly go south and nothing turns out the way you had hoped. Good luck hon!!

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