Sting like a butterfly, float like the Titanic  

David_Rizal 37M
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7/23/2006 2:58 am
Sting like a butterfly, float like the Titanic

Sooo, I've decided that I want to start taking boxing classes. The next lesson is on Tuesday and the place is about 8 miles from where I live.
Eager to get a head start, I grabbed my 10 year old camcorder and videotaped myself shadow boxing for a few minutes to observe my technique.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

I saw perhaps the weakest, lumbering, clumsiest punches ever to be captured on camera. My movement resembled something like that of a beached whale. I mean, I always thought my punches were pretty decent and my movements were tight and efficient. Yeah, right. The video told a whole different story. Mr. Ali and Mr. Tyson can rest easy for now. I'm not going to be the greatest heavyweight champion of the world any time soon.

Looks like this is going to be another one of my very-short-lived hobbies.

What's worse is that I could see just how unattractive I look in the video. I look like I've been battered around the face a few times with the ugly stick and then dropped in a vat of lard. I'm in terrible shape. People always tell me that I look very young for my age, but it seems "young" is definitely not the same thing as "handsome".

Sheesh, and to think I actually tried to dance next to a few smoking hot girls last night in a bar. I'm embarrassed to think about it. They weren't having any of it and ignored me the whole time. Instead, they had a fun time grinding their asses against my friend's groin. Bleh. I don't blame them. If I were them, I wouldn't want me dancing anywhere near me either.

On a positive note, I did go out and run 3.4 miles this morning.

Current total mileage since the start of this blog: 25.5 miles.

So I've run just under the length of a marathon in about 3 weeks. It's a start, I guess, but I want to ramp up my weekly mileage to at least 10 miles a week. I've pretty much adapted myself to my warehouse job now (apart from the wrists), so I have no excuses left not to run more often.

My updated weekly stats also look promising:

Weight: 181.8 lbs
Waist: 39 inches
Estimated fat percentage: 29%

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