David_Rizal 37M
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7/16/2006 4:16 am

Unfortunately, I haven't exercised all week. This was due to the heavy lifting I was required to do at my job in a warehouse. All that lifting left me sore all over, and I never really had time to recover from it.
I tried to do some weight training this morning but my wrists are still very fatigued and they hurt whenever I tried to lift a barbell.
So I stopped that and decided to go jogging instead. Unfortunately, that session felt a lot harder than usual and I only ended up jogging 1.7 miles.
This sucks, big time.

Current total mileage = 13.6

Current stats:
Weight - 183.8 lbs
Waist - 39.3 inches
Bodyfat percentage - 30%

My weight and waist size is up from last week. I know I ate a lot this past week because of work. There's no way I wanted to restrict calories whilst doing hard manual labour.

But now I'm asking myself: will I ever lose weight? Am I getting fitter? Have I progressed, or regressed?
In times like this, it's hard not to feel dejected. As if I'm always going to be stuck in a rut and never get anywhere.

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