tears in her eyes  

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2/17/2006 8:13 am

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tears in her eyes


i was at the shop this morning and that cutey shopgirl, alison was batting her eyelashes at me, so i smiles back at her as I usually do

i waited in line to be served, when i got to the front of the queue, Alison gave a sigh, i said " you ok hun?" she looked at me and said "No, i feeling a bit low, dave"

she took the things i had purchased and started ringing them up on the till, i paid for the items and she gave me my change.

I said "Sorry to hear it,thanks for serving me so quickly" and turned to leave.

Alison left the till and came around the counter she said "dave, have you got a minute?"

i turned to look at her, there were tears in her eyes. I fished into my pocket and gave her my hankerchief.

she took the hankerchief and wiped her eyes, i said " awwwww c'mon alison, what you crying for hun? I'm a good listener if you want to talk about it.?"

she said " I will be ok, I just broke up with my boyfriend"

"well hun, its his loss, your a beautiful, gorgeous looking girl"

she looked at me and said "well, maybe but why does it hurt so much in my heart?"

"Alison hun, if you need to talk here is my number, call anytime."

she sort of grinned at me and said "ok thanks dave, i will call after i finished my shift."

I smiled,winked and said " No problem, I look forward to your call"

i left the shop and came home.

so i'm geting ready for Alison to call, i might meet her, take her for a drive to the coast or countryside.

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