Received my first contact.  

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1/2/2006 4:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Received my first contact.

Well, I'm a little excited now. The first person has contacted me. We're going thru the passing of info. to see if we're compatable enough to possibly meet up. The hardest part(outside of my dick) is trying to find a good day and time though. It's tough working around this when you have conflicting schedules, or a wife. Even though she knows, one must still keep her happy. The man who contacted me is younger than I and attractive. He says he's uncut though. This bothers me a little though. I don't find an uncut dick as sexually arousing as a cut one. Is there still a head?? Does it hide?? Will it come out when enticed with my tongue and mouth?? Even though I'm still more considered curious than bi, I just know this is something I want so bad. I'm getting hard just typing this.

I also wish I had the extra money to upgrade my membership. It's not too worthwhile with out the upgrade. No way to contact people that turn me on, not that I've figured out yet anyway. that I've responded to my future(?) sexual encounter man..I think I need to go back to bed and beat off. Wonder if I should also suck on my wife's vibrator(it's a soft dick like one). I've done this before, fantasizing that I'm sucking on someone's dick while "humping" the sheets or pillow until I cum. I much rather have a real dick here and now to be sucking on. Feeling the hardness in my mouth...sucking on his balls...running my tongue up and down his hard shaft..hmmmmm can't wait to feel someone's dick bulging in my mouth and having him shoot his load down my throat.

Ok...I must go relieve myself all worjed up here.

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