Cool....A second one  

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1/2/2006 6:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cool....A second one

Before I even had a chance to go play with myself, I had gotten a second e-mail from another man wanting to know more about me. Wonder if it's my pic that enticed these 2 to contact me or what?? That's ok though, that just means I now have twice the chance to be able to achieve my goal. He seems cool enough. Another uncut man though. At least he answered my questions about the "head". I even seen a pic of his hard cock. yum yum. Sure would love to be licking and sucking on it.

I wonder...if I'll like being with another man more than my own wife. We rarely have sex anymore. I suppose that's my fault though. At least some what. Some of it has to do with our conflicting schedules. But, she never starts anything. I wonder why?? I know she's just as sex craved as myself. I just don't think I should be the one who always has to start the "action". Do you? Things are just so "old" with her anymore. We need to spice things up some how. We have a list that was written by her of fantasies we'd like to acheive, but I believe that hers was written during her induced days. Now that those are in the past, so it seems so is openness to trying new things sexually.

As I type this, this second guy and I are e-mailing each other too. He just gave me his work number. He's willing to try working around our schedules and the fact I have only 1 vehicle which is gone during the day. I think I'm getting him excited. Hope he's not walking around with his customers with are hard on in his

Should I call him?? Or play hard to get?? haha..just kiddin' I'm so horny for another man. Not just another man..that probably is my first objective, but I just need some new sexual experiences. If the wife don't wanna do anything new or start things, then I just know something "bad"(?) will happen. Maybe if I do this with another man, it'll stop me from having an affair with another woman.

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