Two Dozen Written Roses  

Dave2unme 59M
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2/24/2006 11:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Two Dozen Written Roses

Practical, self-dependent, organized
Capacity for love super-sized
Devoted son and daughter by your side
Fill your days with activities and pride
Back in Alaska and you chose to stay
You met me on-line; oh, most happy day
At Jitters with me for coffee and tea
Three weeks later love's alarms urgent plea
We felt each other's desires tug in time
For all we seek, unbridled passion's rhyme
Love remembered in rays of sunshine
Will you be my most winsome Valentine?

With each day I long to hold you again
My heart made ready, my soul you awaken
Your eyes captured me, your glance stimulates
Gorgeous Helen, your smile radiates
Call to me siren of my seas, sweetly sing
Lady of the Lake, what is your bidding,
Shall I conquer yonder feisty dragon?
For you there's no too tasking a burden
Your pleasure is my most earnest calling
Succumb to my charms, in my arms falling
Spare no thread in sewing our love’s fashion
Two hearts together joined in passion.

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