Together Apart by dtp  

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1/8/2006 10:08 pm

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Together Apart by dtp

The days are too long outside your arms reach. Too much is lost by being away. Although your calls give me a cardiac rush the phone is far too inadequate for the two of us. Time passes to slowly when we don’t speak, and way too fast when we’re connected. With you to explore me and I your foundations to evaluate, what’s missing in our lives to see, and our carnal appetites to satiate. You are in the focus of the cross-hairs of my gun, primed and loaded by you. It is my plan that I soon shall be your ideal man’s body reflected.

With daily anticipation yours is the face I need to touch and lips I yearn to kiss. As the blind man sees clearly through his fingers, I seek to read the Braille of your bosom. As the deaf man doest hear, I seek the rhythm of your heart. As men without voice don’t speak, I with my mouth shall caress a reply to your eyes’ desired request. . I shall be new wheels to lift your carriage, and I shall bring a smile for your face. I seek only the joyous bounty of your arms, but for now I must pretend that I have access to your charms and can reach the silky chasm into which I can extend. My undoing is the wildcatter’s dilemma as internal earthly pressure soars, a gusher builds demanding release, but two feet away is a dry well. Like the rhythmic wave pursues relief in the endless pounding of the surf breaking upon the rocks of volcanic beaches, I yearn to bury my clam shovel in your shimmering shores

Rather then losing time alone together musing by electric leashes, we should be together pleasing each other thoroughly. It is to this cause I am drawn, to this task I am aspiring. It is your roll to be mine for incessantly pleasing, tormenting and teasing in person. To be in your embrace is this dream I have. To be mine is your place. I reserve for you that space. It is thus as one that you shall be half. To this end, I shall be impatiently true. Our time together no longer delayed, for our embrace is certain. With no other I would trade. Even as the target of your flirting.

It is so, a truism said by sages. That two hearts grow fonder when kept apart as preamble to love’s next stages. I seek to be your tasty pleasure, each day your fulfillment. Dedicated and deliberate, today shall be the day for erecting that monument. The edifice is rising; the energy is reaching critical mass. The power of this avalanche will be spent in glorious display that only you can feel.

I am reaching out to hold you near. I am reaching to caress your face. I am reaching, my intentions clear reaching for your special place. Each part of my body is matched to yours. Each quadrant is connected to you. My antenna is transmitting. My heart is to you committing. My soul is opened and inviting tours.

Sing forth my voice to attract your sensitive ears and enjoin the romantics of old. Ring true these verses attract and focus of this rhyme to hold. I demand you to know me in a carnal way. I call you my fire to behold. That it is you that I seek to be near, your presence I relish, your kiss of passion as my career. The touch of your hand I shall cherish. You are the inspiration of my pen. For you is the flavored perspiration of my loins, the recipient for my salty liquid coins. You are mine in public, in private and behind the green door. You are in boots and gloves of leather ready for me on the floor. You are ready, hot and wanting to experience my pounding rhythmic beat. I am hosting driving desire for I am intent upon being your muff diver.

For this we must struggle through each day’s events. To this end do we dedicate our rare spare time? To breathe in deep our succulent scents and to penetrate your folds our bodies entwine. To pleasure you I target my manhood. You shall find so heavenly releasing, the ecstasy of your body’s contraction in climax, not once, nor twice, but thrice more then believing.

I wait so anxious to have you near, but so glad to have you today in my life. What is it in life that has more meaning then the spontaneity of demanding passionate love shared? Why do you hide so afraid to be splayed across my lap your ass laid bared? I can no longer stand to be left alone with my five digit friend. So get your black ass over here right now you sexy bitch. No more do we pretend.

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