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2/1/2006 1:19 am

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Subatomic by dtp

As we spoke today I was again inspired by you. You are an amazing woman. But, you do frustrate me so. Yet, I so much more love to hear your voice that I shan’t risk any utterance that would drive you away or sacrifice the intimacy we share when we speak. The risk here is of course that we never become lovers. That is a risk, but I shall never cease to explore you heart, mind and soul. I shall forever reach out for you no mater how far you travel in distance from me. So it is now that you tantalize my inspiration to drive you wild with desire unfulfilled.

My spirit seeks your spirit. Together they traverse to the nether world of electrons and light. Together they entwine our bodies in the closest of relations as your molecules mingle with mine. No persons have been closer then that. To have my subatomic particles collide with your nucleus creates the heat of fusion that welds us together, and radiates our energy in glorious spectra of light and matter to ignite our cores freeing us from the gravitational bonds of proximity to exist as pure forms eternal.

When you call, my heart leaps, and blood flushes my face and groin at the sound of your voice. My ears pique to tune to your very frequency to assure clearest reception of each and every word, every sigh, moan cry or whimper, whisper and change in your intonation.

I was very happy you were pleased with my appearance tonight. The camera is such a cruel mistress, perceptible of every flaw and exponent of each imperfection. How common we appear when faced with the solemn sullenness of our own likeness as confronted by the unforgiving aperture. Yet, this reflection is more real then the vain high regard we hold of our own images even when tempered with great humility. We each are further humbled and made real to ourselves as we judge that who others see. So glad am I then that the reality of each of us lays beneath our fragile exteriors as we make merry throughout our lives. Let it then be extolled that you are beautiful in my eyes, an enchantingly rapturous embodiment for my very nature to embrace; my manhood raising to great your sensuous inviting femininity. I sense your touch, feel your breath, and picture that which is most desirous in your context. I therefore beseech you; do not go to sleep again without knowing that you are my desire. You are my flame in the dark. You are mine as if I held you that very moment in the secure embrace of my arms to rest there till the morning rush of a new day reinvigorate our passion to be as a new beginning to happiness. Yours now for the taking.

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