Sonnet to Janet by Ms Chief  

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Sonnet to Janet by Ms Chief

(It is really too lengthy to be a real Sonnet. A Sonnet (noun) is actually a fourteen-line rhyming poem with a set structure usually in ten-syllable rhyming lines, divided into two, three, or four sections. This poem has 35 sections, because it needs that many, and varies from the ten syllable format without poetic license.)

The call didn’t come, but the IM did.
She was animated and very much alive.
The letters flew from her fingers, she was no kid.
To raise his interest in her she did tease and to strive

He was aware yet unprepared for these,
He planned a long period for getting to know her
His fingers were careful on the computer’s keys
But far more then his passing fancy did she stir

Love on-line is more common than first thought
But none is truly ready for the flash in the pan
Seared by the oils of seduction she brought
He quickly wished that he had a more direct plan

He had already resigned to a night of home bore
Checking the personals and profiles on-line
He’d had sent her an invite to chat the night before
Hoping that she would see his words as an encouraging sign

Wooing on-line is a newer skill for the middle aged
Dating butterflies, poems, roses, dances and parking
No longer are the worries that they once were staged
Emails, IMs and webcams, photos and profiles come harking

Easier, oh not so, each party is still full of trepidation
STDs and exes, jobs and kids, distance and complicated schedules
Interests and desires, fetishes and fears, and prior cohabitation
All interests are catered, thus not knowing yourself tugs and pulls

Yet, each day and night millions of the forlorn are chatting
Discussing things old married couples don’t know
Trying hard to decide if a match can be made and toms are out cat-ting
Maids and Matrons testing the waters and on webcams giving a show

Here they were, he 48 and she 39 without current loves in their lives
Tapping feverishly to convey what they felt, thoughtfully with each click
So, libidos blossoming and patience waning decision arrives
She asked, “Do you want to go for a drive and eat some clit?”

What could he say? His dick rising to the invite
He responded, “Of course, more then anything”. Wouldn’t have you?
Where was she, how does he get there, what landmarks to sight
Quick directions are sent with last minute second thoughts from her too.

“Bring protection”, she requests. He responds, “Half an hour I’ll be there.”
“Ring the door bell”, she wrote. “I hope I can wait until you arrive.”
With unexpected yet familiar excitement he pockets condoms to spare
He copies down the instructions, getting to her house is going to be a drive

Into his truck he hops the garage door opening hums into motion
He checks for a map to be sure for cross-referencing her instructions
His mouth gets dry and he’s down the road accelerating on a mission
He has to be careful and control his speed, with time to reflect upon intentions

They had corresponded for days; she’s recently divorced with three boys
He is separated living alone for six months, all his kids are grown
She and her ex are belligerent, he and his are still gaming ploys
Both are extremely in need of release and of sexual satisfaction’s groan

The drive is surprisingly easy all the lights were in his favor
Instructions were right on the mark, the half hour easily passes
He pulls into the neighborhood, down the road her pussy to savor
Right where she said, he parks his truck, upstairs a light flashes

Checking keys, protection at ready, hardness pushing his pant’s exterior
To her door condo #2, now completely dark he pushes on the bell
Silently the door parts the frame opening into darkened interior
He steps through and turns to her behind him watching as her breasts swell

The door closes, and she asks him if he is to kill her
She pleads don’t kill me her very sexy form moving seductively
Dumb founded he asks, “Janet?” In return she asks, “Dave?” Hearts stir.
She points down the hall he invites her to lead the way observing anxiously

Into the bedroom past the bathroom lights are low and they embrace
She slithers down to his waist and works at his belt clumsy at first
He assists and his pants are history and the air of the room cools his cock
She envelops it in her warm mouth intent to quench her parched thirst

He stood there as she sat on the edge of her bed holding his balls in her hands
She coated him with her mouth juices sliding his manhood between her lips
Kicking off his shoes, stepping out of his pants, his fingers feeling hair strands
Reaching down he caresses her neck and then her breasts pinching her nipple tips

He pulls his shirt off now completely naked, she wears a black negligee
Good and wet she leans back and removes her lace panties
He retrieves the condoms from his pants then brining his head into play
Nuzzling her thatch kissing her urgently exciting her whimpers and pleas

Licking her already soaking sex tasting her honey and her pebble like clit
Sucking the nub like sucking head in and out between his lips smoothly
Then his tongue delves into her slit and tasting then fucking her with it
He relished in her pleasures, smiling at each ‘Oh God and yes’ internally

Raising her ass he squeezes her cheeks running a finger over her nether rim
She lifts her head and he did it again, she hissed, “Push it in, in my ass.”
He pushed his finger at her door it was dry but she receptively puckered for him
He licked a finger and pressed it against her asshole but still it wouldn’t pass

To the nightstand she reached and her oil she retrieved pouring some into his hand
Rubbing it in he coated his fingers pushing one easily inside. “Fuck me”, she said
He returned to his oral admonitions finger-fucking her ass as was her demand
Her head rolling back and forth moaning, fingers grasping the covers on the bed

His delight in hers, unbounded his pleasure then to his delight the next occurred
She lifted her head between her breasts and pleaded, “Will you fuck my ass?”
Rapture came to his face never had he such a request and so intensely stirred
He looked up eyes saying yes, reached and ripped the condom package with class

She watched as he slid the rubber on, desperate to feel him inside
She spread her legs and lifted her ass; to greet his hardness soon to probe her bun
He pressed against her and slid right in; she cried, Oh God, you’re perfect sized.”
He plowed her with abandon, so tight and slick, the cream of her cunt did run

They screwed for a very long time she pleasured in his skill and with great joy cum
With her screams of pleasure he chimed, filling the reservoir of the rubber he wore, His excitement was such that he stayed hard, cherishing the fact of what he’d done
Her appreciation required a show of respect and mouthed his cock as before

She ravished her compliments around his expertly trained pleasure tool
Hands and mouth worked in unison to enjoy him and drive his capture
Then in a fete of shear joy turned her in a sixty-nine to lap at her pool
Her pleasure returned and he fucked her face and returned the rapture

She came several times. True to his word he came too, being multi-orgasmic
They lingered in there tensions and enjoying the climax’s aftermath in splendor
Quickly rising inspired by her wonton need stirring his continuing raging spirit
He reached again for a condom and placed it as she watched her eyes did implore

This time it was his desire and sole interest in driving his dick with staccato rhythm
Beating his pubic bone against hers with a vengeance she’d never had felt
Wallowing in her plentiful juices lasting a very long time the more she desired him
He coaxed her several times to relinquish her essence to him, for him she did melt

He pounded against her again and again, though in time he tired
Then he asked that she roll over, and helped her to her hands and knees
Seeing her rounded ass before him he was renewed; urgently inspired
His cock-head her thoroughly, but remained filled with his seeds

He then hit upon the thing he desired there before him, her ass ripe to spank
First one side and then the other while still impaled in her womb
Bang, bang his hands sounded echoing throughout the house reddening her flank
She flew in fierce abandon to his administrations, she loved his primal tune

The night blurred as he tore into her flesh spanking her again and again
She thrust back upon him and he drove harder with each solid spank
The fever in his organ raised higher and higher a fourth climax building within
He exploded in her coming with extreme abandoned and then her mind went blank

They collapsed, he on top of her, his erection not subsiding but he withdraws
They roll each onto their back and luxuriate in their own fulfillment
Rejecting further caresses, smiling that he’d done well, his stamina - her applause
He reached and removed the filled protection she had earlier made a requirement

The air became heavy for two hours and then some had past since she greeted him
Two hours and they had reached their peaks with intensity and satisfaction
Breathing easier she asked him to cruise, he turned not knowing her spin
She asked he leave she worked then kids returning her to her maternal station

At 48 he knew too well her meaning and at 39 she did not relish the fact
He got out of bed and thanked her she thanked him for his presence and skill
He dressed as she lay pulling the blankets up around her pleasing in her daring act
Recovering the evidence of his pleasure told her he was hers anytime to thrill

She smiled and dreamily moaned in memory of his experienced repetitious taking
Dressed, he bade her sweet dreams she asked that he lock the door on the way
It might have been one night but it was a lifetime to them, a memory thus baking
Juicy, delicious, somewhat surreal, the door shut, a grand adventure no less to say

Alone and sated he returned to his solitary abode alive and renewed
He welcomed the lonely road and the crisp air he allowed to flow on his face
Cherishing her taste remaining on his tongue and the memory of how she mewed
Hoping this was not just a single event desiring another call to cum at her place.

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