Saturday Morning  

Dave2unme 59M
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6/23/2006 12:20 pm
Saturday Morning

It will be an extreme pleasure for you to cross the threshold of our love nest as early as you can possibly get here. The key remains in the small piece of green gutter under the stair to the front door. It would be a real treat to be awoken by you as if we had spent the whole night together and we want to continue where we had left off the night before. Depending of course on when you can get away. I have set the entire day aside to allow for your fulfillment in as leisurely way your schedule and body can allow. I want to nourish and flush your cheeks and create an afterglow throughout your body. I want you to worship my body into the tool of your searing climaxes. I want you to touch every nerve and coax the lethargy out from under my fleshy shell to renew my life force and driving spirit as in a renewing and cleansing spa by using your hands and tongue to create a disturbance in the electricity of my aura that attracts my body into yours like magnetized galvanic melding of polarized metal heated and melted together to create a new alloy to then relish as one beam securely tying the walls of our structure supporting a common roof.

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