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8/14/2006 2:15 am

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My Story Blogs

I am glad you visited my story blogs. It is nice to know my writing may have pleased you. I write about real events and real people camouflaged to all but the subjects. Is there a story you would like written? “So many people”, he sighed, “yet, never enough time.” So goes the beginnings of another poem. Do you want to help me on that one?

The idea of a discrete rendezvous, a romantic encounter or secret love can fill the soul with wonder and joy or melancholy sadness. It can be a favorite fantasy or an unfilled obsession. The difference is in the choices we make and the passion in which we pursue them. I for one spent too many years ignoring my own needs and dreams that I almost was lost in other people’s expectations. Even now the greatest fear I have is of being a disappointment to the people who know me and less of a role model to those who don’t. A false vanity and humble egotism is a complicated dichotomy don’t you think? My analytical and artistic sides do constant battle, a painful joust of bait and yaw. Is it true then that men can be as complicated as women? Or do we just want to drink beer and see something naked? It is all too true on the complicated side. I argue never actually answering the question but seeking instead to navigate the surf of my bait and yaw, to arrive at the shore having enjoyed the ride.

You ask, “What are you talking about you lunatic?” “Ah, yes, I see.” Says I, the world is full of intelligent crazy people. Am I the first you’ve met? Surely I must not for I am not crazy, and I’m far from intelligent. The methods of my madness have never been so sublime. I am merely idiot and lout. Just call me, man.”

I have a place for you dear sensual here on the rug before my hearth. A glass of wine we sip and relish in a romantic mood of scented candles and sweet music. A warm embrace and kisses upon your nape to create the chills the embrace ignites. Why do you shiver so my dear? I can feel your heart race as our touch so commands. Oh yes, yes my dear it is real very real.

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