Love In The Washington Delta Terminal by dtp  

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Love In The Washington Delta Terminal by dtp

I am beginning my trip back.
My bags have been checked in,
Stuffed full like Santa's sack.
Even now sitting here I begin

A new story for the passionate
Full of teasers and meaning subliminal
To enchant and delight to consume
Love In the Washington Delta terminal.

His flight was delayed
Others showed anger
He was glad he hadn't stayed
Even a little while longer

His trip was formal
A holiday tradition
A visiting of relatives ritual
Which was certainly no vacation.

Yet here he was
With time on his hands
Heading home after Christmas
Listening for airline commands

The terminal was very busy
People crowded here and there
Children crying in misery
Not being allowed to run without care.

He left his seat for a mother in need
And stood leaning on window glass
While others cued a cart to feed
Waiting for their plane to process.

As if he'd known her before
His eyes through masses did find
Approaching with gaze that tore
The shroud from his mind.

She had a distinct air of command
With a certain and purposeful motion.
Coming right to him as if planned
Amongst all the terminal's commotion.

With a stern look on her face
And demanding tone in her movements
Caused him to stand transfixed in place
He slumped ascending to her dominance.

She stood before him in leather boots
Her cleavage intentionally enhanced
Under her expensive business suit
Yet her demeanor kept him entranced.

She carefully noted his humility
As he cast his eyes downward
No pretense for civility
She glared through him forward

He knew not the lady before him stood
Of her kind he had not met
The women who captured him could
Without saying a word be dominant

He imagined what she might do to him
His dreams of her intentions directing
That he please her right here to begin
His submission to her will so stimulating.

She knew him, she knew his kind
By day in his world he was king
At night he’d allow her his hands to bind
She could demand he do her bidding

His fantasy was strong he felt
Before the day is done
He must know and kiss below her belt
He must be hers from dusk till sun.

She looked at her conquest
He shuddered with her chilly stare
He was ready to do her bequest
It was just perchance she was there.

There she was and hadn't said hey
Still she ruled him and the road ahead
He knew this, and was bound to obey
She touched his chin he raised his head.

Their eyes met for the first time
He tried to glance away to find
That he got trapped by her bust line
Her index nail cut into his mind.

The sharp pain kept his focus
As she pulled him closer and bit his ear
He calculated price on his mental abacus
Of giving himself all to her without fear.

He whispered to her low to suggest
The single word in his brain
She heard him say, "yes".
Yes to the domination, Yes to the pain.

Her finger ran down his neck
To the middle of his chest
She then pinch the nipple on his peck
He knew she'd agreed to his request.

She had not come to find him there
At that extremely crowded airport
But she knew he would share
Her domitrix fetish as sexual sport.

The heat of their bodies required more
Between them then a tiny space
To quench the fire at their core
They needed to find their own place.

The crowd became silent
An announcement was being made
Our two hopeful lovers were patient
To hear what was being relayed.

Her flight was filled and overbooked
And so was his plane home
Their airline's incentives they each took
And waited no longer to roam.

Each were upgraded on their next flight
And offered luxury hotel suites
Where they could pass the night
In their rewarded secluded retreats.

The crowd was left behind
They cared no longer about boarding
The hotel they were looking to find
Their time together worth hoarding.

The taxi swiftly sped away willing
That no baggage. did they need
For her mind was already filling
With the methods and the deeds.

In the taxi's back seat they embraced
Her right hand she did employ
On the tent in his pants she placed
Lingering there with fingers she did toy.

As they exited from that cab
The hair on the back of his neck
With a swift tug she did grab
Telling him firmly he was hers to inspect.

The hotel greeted their arrival
With baskets of robes and towels
Well wishes for their early revival
Each smiling planned using the others.

She wrapped her arms around him
And ushered him through her doorway
So that his training could truly begin
She undressed him in the hallway.

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