In Your Praise, Number One.  

Dave2unme 59M
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8/25/2006 12:38 am
In Your Praise, Number One.

One, you are a special part of my life cherished and spicy. Tonight puts me just one night away from you. Funny how I am happy to wish away whole weeks of time just to compress the distance between your visits. And, time being our most precious of commodities and I seek to spend with you just a few hours for which I gladly trade for days without you in them. My life thus has proportion and anticipation, and what is more erotic then the anticipation of real erotica in the flesh new and tantalizing? The sweetness of your kisses fuels my desire to have you and exploit your charms for our delicious consumption. Is there no cure? I won't take it! Is there no off switch? Your power over me is so intoxicating that the switch is lost in a heavenly haze, drifting through my soul blocking out all sight but that of you. Seek me out dear one, for I'm lost in your comet's tail. Bring me to you and hold me tight to your bosom. Stay with me through the night and welcome the dawn joined as nature intended welcomed into your womb enticing my seed to mix with your heated fluids to spread and create the energy of our rapturous satisfaction.

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